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From The Desk Of The President



LCC: A flourishing community “on the brink of everything”

Using the title from Parker Palmer’s recent book, LCC enters this new academic year “on the brink of everything!” These are exciting days at LCC . . .


We began this year with the largest freshman class in the history of LCC. Our campus is buzzing with students! We have welcomed children of our own alumni, students for whom this is the first trip outside of their own countries and students who have spent a year of high school in another country, more students from Ukraine than from Lithuania, students passionate about human rights and others passionate about basketball, students who are grateful for the financial support that has made this all possible.

In so many ways, you are part of this freshman class excitement. You, as friends and donors to LCC, have given to offer these students the opportunity to experience the Christ-centered education at LCC. Thank you!

With a growing student body, our need for financial aid increases as well. As is true for most of our partner institutions, we award students with a certain percentage of financial aid based on need, and then we seek the funds to make it happen. We are pleased to have received a grant $40,000 USD from BEAM (Business and Education as Mission) this month. This is a great way to begin the semester, on our way to an Annual Fund goal of $900,000 USD. Thank you for participating with us!


As our Board of Directors meet on campus this month, we are in serious discussion regarding the need for more facilities. A growing student body requires additional space to foster a “flourishing community.” After a thorough needs assessment process, we are coming to these meetings with several sketches of additional gathering space, as well as a new library facility. Pray with us that we make the best decisions for LCC, addressing both a stewardship of resources as well as the clear need that exists.

More on this topic soon!


With each new year, we are grateful for the strength of our faculty and staff. This fall we welcomed a Fulbright Scholar, professors from our CCCU partner institutions of Fresno Pacific University and Lee University, professors who are teaching and researching in their unique areas of strength, Student Life staff with significant experience at multiple North American universities . . . and everyone with an overall spirit of enthusiasm and community, ready for more.

In so many ways, you are part of bringing our exceptional faculty and staff to us. You, as friends and donors to LCC, contribute to the support that these colleagues need in order to engage in the transformational work of LCC. Thank you!


LCC is “on the brink of everything.” We can see where we’ve come from. Our past has prepared us for the present. We know where we are. We are standing on the edge, on the brink, at a moment of decision. And we have hope for the future. We walk into the new year with HOPE, with a God who knows the future.

At LCC we are on the brink . . . of the new, the bold, the positive, the lovely, the Christ-centered, the purposeful, the open, the just, the celebrative . . .

Thank you for joining us!

Marlene Wall, PhD

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