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Free Lithuanian languages courses for Ukrainian refugees at LCC International University


LCC International University, which has about 200 Ukrainian students, has established a Ukraine emergency fund available to any Ukrainian LCC student. Also, the university is organizing free Lithuanian language courses for Ukrainian refugees.

LCC International University, located in Klaipėda, Lithuania, is a North American-style university which is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary. In response to the war in Ukraine, the university has established not only the Ukraine Emergency Fund, which provides support to any Ukrainian LCC student who faces financial struggles, but also the Ukraine Commitment Project aimed at supporting up to 100 incoming freshmen or transferring students from Ukraine. As part of this project, the incoming students will receive full tuition and a spot at the residence hall free of charge for the first year of their studies at LCC

In addition, LCC International University has organized free Lithuanian language courses for Ukrainian refugees. Adults can participate in the courses from April 20th in person or online, and from May 2nd in person on the LCC campus. This initiative is a coordinated effort of the LCC community. Lithuanian language professors, as well as LCC students, staff, and even alumni, have come together to help the Ukrainians in need. 

Lithuanian studies department head and professor teaching foreigners the Lithuanian language for more than 20 years at LCC, Radvyda Vaišvilaitė, admits that this year the Lithuanian language courses will be a bit different than usual. She states, “First of all, the length of the courses will be different. I call the courses “intensive” since the language courses will be only 30 academic hours. During those 30 hours, the students will learn the basics that they need now: how to start a conversation and to use the main noun and verb forms. Ukrainians will learn the basic language skills that will allow them to feel more comfortable while staying here.”

Also, in the summer, LCC International University will offer opportunities to participate in day English camps for children and teenagers, as well as basketball camps. If interested, please email or call +370 667 67324 

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