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Exchange student trip to Baltic countries


On the last weekend of September, a Baltic trip took place. Exchange students from Erasmus+, International Exchange, and Study Abroad programs, led by Experience Coordinator and Student Leaders, went on a bus trip to Baltic countries’ capitals. The first day of the trip was dedicated to exploring medieval Tallinn with its’ historical old-town little streets and castles. For a dinner, students were offered a feast with authentic dishes to indulge in the Baltic heritage even more. The group then headed to Riga, an Art Nouveau-inspired city, where students went on a guided tour to know more about its cultural heritage and enjoy amusing statues and colors. Part of the group took a chance to be a part of the service at the Armenian Church and feel the difference. On the way back, the Hill of Crosses near Šiauliai, a Lithuanian UNESCO immaterial world heritage object, was visited.

Students from different backgrounds and cultures, often many miles overseas, are curious about the location they will be spending their semester at. Therefore, it is up to us at LCC, to provide them an opportunity to explore Baltic gems, especially when it can be done within a period of a couple of days. It also serves the purpose of getting each other better, spending quality time along the way, and creating core memories of the semester abroad.

The exchange semester might be a life-changing experience. Once the student decides to take this brave step to study abroad, the adventure begins, where the student is a ship, a captain, and a crew all at the same time. A big deal of procedures needs to be overcome, and this can be a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences, all of which contribute towards the personal growth of the young person. However, once the exchange period is complete, one can be proud of the journey they did, that‘s for sure.

After all – this is what the exchange is all about. Exchange of experiences. Exchange of friendships. Exchange of studies. And bringing back a slightly changed version of yourself: more experienced, open-minded, confident, and with a backpack of memorable moments, which are for life.

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