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Emilijus Gricius: Firm Foundations help Lead to Wise Choices


Emilijus Gricius, from Lithuania, graduated from LCC International University in 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology. After graduation, Emilijus started working at LCC as the Study Abroad Program Coordinator and later as an Admission Counselor. Later, he established and served in his own camping ministry for a few years. Currently, Emilijus is teaching Religion courses in a private school in Lithuania. Emilijus shares his experiences working as a teacher and discusses why every choice we make has a consequence.

Emilijus found out about LCC when he was in high school, in 1998, however, it wasn’t until 1999 that he decided to join LCC where he enrolled as a full-time student majoring in International Business Administration. It did not take long for Emilijus to realize that this was not the major that he wanted, and he changed from Business to Psychology. He was happy with the major adjustment, but it seemed that psychology was also not the right fit for him after taking a few psychology classes. Emiljius then decided to make a final change to pursue a degree in Theology and is grateful this was his final choice.

While at LCC, Emilijus was an active member of the community. His sense of humor made quite a lasting impression on many professors and friends and his LCC experience opened the door to build different connections and networks. He describes LCC as the place where he grew and was challenged to think critically and differently.

As a teacher, Emlijus finds it crucial and significant to teach the younger generations about choices they make in life and the consequences those may bring into the future. He highlights the importance of influencing the younger generations to find the right path by challenging them to think critically about their actions and choices, helping them to find their own way. He claims, “The younger the tree, the easier it is to uproot, replant, and to shape it.” Emiljus also discusses how his students learn about living a good life and how it can help them make the right choices.

Emiljus has drawn an analogy from the Bible; the parable of the wise and the foolish builders. The wise man builds his house on the rock where the foundation is solid and cannot be destroyed. However, the foolish man builds his house in the sand where storms and winds can easily wipe it away and demolish it. Similarly, Emiljus talks about the significance of building firm and solid foundations in life. If the foundations are not firm and solid, individuals find it more difficult if they experience difficulties in life. On the other hand, firm foundations ensure that individuals are able to make the right decisions and choices in life, in spite of difficulties. This helps to shield individuals from engaging in activities that harm and deteriorate their well-being.

Emilijus noted that every day we are confronted with a variety of opportunities which lead us to make different choices. However, not every opportunity leads to growth and prosperity. So it's important to filter these opportunities and choose the ones that are nourishing and can help them grow. As an example, Emilijus noted that students can either choose to play video games or instead read a book, or learn a new language. Every day we make choices and these choices should contribute to growth and maturity, if chosen wisely.

Emiljus' advice to current and prospective LCC students is to always ask themselves this question. “What is it that you truly want to do and why do you want it?” He explains the importance of finding your true and authentic passion and how as a firm foundation, it can help lead individuals to make wise choices in life.

If you missed the Coffee with Alumni webinar with Emilijus Gricius and want to learn more about his experience, follow the link for the full video --

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