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Donna Falloon: Learning from students is the highlight of her work


Donna Falloon teaches Business and Marketing related courses at LCC International University. She has been working in the corporate world for many years, later changing careers and stepping into the world of academia. Already in her 15th year of teaching, Donna has also been a part of the LCC community since 2018. In our conversation, she reflects teaching, getting into the business field, and discusses an exciting recent milestone achieved in her career.

Donna Falloon already had a well-established teaching career that started in 2006, and since joining LCC International University in 2018, has stayed in the university environment ever since.

Located in Houston, Texas, in the United States, Donna has also worked for a healthcare organization, and as a Director in the IT sector of a major hospital in the Houston Medical Center. In addition to keeping busy and building a successful career, Donna is a passionate traveler. She wanted to teach internationally to broaden her horizons while also indulging in some travel.

The first time Donna heard about LCC was ten years prior to working here, having made a connection with an employee from the university. Although the timing was not right to make a move to LCC then, Donna kept noticing things pop up, related to Lithuania and to LCC. “I felt that it was coming up all the time, it felt almost like a calling,” she remembers. She felt drawn to the institution because of the history of Lithuania and LCC’s Christian foundation. 

When asked how she found herself in the business field, Donna replied, “I've always been involved in business. I studied Business and Marketing and this field fascinates me.” She mentioned that Marketing is a combination between business and the creative side, requiring a great understanding of people.

As an Assistant Professor, Donna teaches a variety of business and marketing courses at LCC International University. Currently, she is a Thesis Instructor for Master's students in LCC's International Management program. Due to the current Covid situation, Donna is teaching her lectures online from the United States, but that doesn't seem to break the spirits of students, as they are eager to learn. “Sometimes it’s hard to make the lectures as interactive as they would be in the classroom. I feel students are missing out on the experience,” she commented. Donna mentioned that she also learns a lot from her students, about different countries and their cultures, and these are the highlights of her workdays.

Continuing to rise in her field of expertise, Donna Falloon recently became a Global Academic Council Member at The Digital Marketing Aptitude Test (DMAT). DMAT is an initiative that provides digital marketing knowledge testing and certification. While teaching a Digital Marketing class at LCC, Donna searched for relevant material and found a free textbook, eMarketing: The Essential Guide to Marketing in a Digital World, written by Rob Stokes, who promotes free education worldwide. He also started an effort to provide digital marketing training on the DMAT platform with an opportunity for students to acquire a certification, verifying the skillset and the knowledge of the market. Consequently, Donna was approached by the president of DMAT, Steven Fine. To her great surprise, Steven Fine shared during the conversation that his great-grandfather was from Lithuania, which added a special link between LCC and DMAT.

Assistant Professor was invited to become a member of the Global Academic Council that would help ensure the test is rigorous, and reflects the knowledge of marketing according to employers' needs. “It’s an honor that they asked me to be part of the Global Academic Council at DMAT. I can be an active part of the preparation and promotion process, making sure it is a good and solid certification that companies will recognize,” shares Donna.

Donna Falloon is positive about the future, and hopes to have a chance to come back to LCC and enjoy the full on-campus experience again.

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