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Community Multicultural Awareness Program


LCC is known for its multicultural community and its ability to bring people from various religious, national, and cultural backgrounds together. Not only does this apply to students who live and study at LCC, but also to the Klaipeda community. The Community Multicultural Awareness Program, or CMAP, was established in 2006 to bring Klaipeda youth and LCC students together. CMAP aims at raising awareness of high-schoolers about issues such as human rights, cultural diversity, multiculturalism, globalization, human trafficking, the refugee crisis, stereotyping and prejudice, as well as moral and political frameworks for creating a harmonious multicultural society.

CMAP is not just another classroom type of gathering, where participants sit at their desks and raise hands if they have a question. The learning space is flexible and open, with lively discussions, movies, and games, which are guaranteed to make it highly interactive and memorable. Both new and returning high-school students can attend the program and they will still enjoy it due to the diversity of topics and student leaders. The program is two semesters long, where participants gather on every Wednesday for 8 weeks each semester. This semester CMAP covers such topics as cultural theory, ethical fashion, international adoption and many others.

At CMAP we communicate only in English. Those whose English is not perfect don’t need to worry; on the contrary, it’s a wonderful opportunity for them to practice the language and improve it! In addition to English language practice, high-school students make new friends, connect with LCC community, and learn more about the world they live in.

Alina Kovyrialova, a CMAP leader of 2018, shares some words of wisdom with the participants: “I would definitely advise them just to relax. I do understand that for some it’s a new environment, and that these LCC students that are talking to them might seem intimidating at first. But truly CMAP is all about learning something new in an open environment”.

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