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Coffee with Alumni: Veko and Giorgi Kaishauri, siblings from Georgia


Veko and Giorgi Kaishauri are siblings from Georgia, both graduated from LCC International University with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Development. Veko graduated in 2018 and Giorgi in 2019. Now, Veko resides in Malta and her brother, Giorgi in their home country of Georgia.

Veko smiles remembering that while at LCC, she had many classes with her brother. Often in class discussions about political topics, they would each express utterly different ideas, which then drew the professor’s attention. It was an opportunity for professors to use them as an example of how even close family members can have differing views and arguments and illustrating how people around the world can have diverse views – of a different race, nation, or simply opinion.

After graduating from LCC, Veko stayed at LCC to work in the Admissions Office as an Admissions Counselor. A year and a half later, Veko moved to Malta and shifted her career to the Affiliate Marketing Industry. She states that the skills she received while studying at LCC, made her comfortable with taking up a job where she had very little previous experience.

Meanwhile, Giorgi had known very early in his studies at LCC that he would continue deepening his knowledge. He decided to choose an academic-focused path and after graduating from LCC, enrolled into Charles University in Prague where he studied for a MA  in International Security Studies. At the same time, he also enrolled in another MA program at Georgia Technical University, where he studied Public Administration. This was during the pandemic, quarantine, and remote work environment, which truly benefited Giorgi. He was able to get not one, but two Master’s degrees, as “it was more flexible and they were more willing to allow for these opportunities” due to everyone having to work and study remotely. In his second year of master studies, he was writing two dissertations at the same time! After successfully finishing both programs, Giorgi has enrolled in the Ph.D. program at Georgia Technical University. Now while a Ph.D. student, he is also working full-time for an international Israeli company.

Veko says that “while I was studying at LCC, considering that it was an International Relations degree, but at the same time, liberal arts style education, it was a nice opportunity for me to explore different options and see what I liked, and explore what I wanted to do eventually in my life. So, even though I was concentrating on my major, I also got to take a few business, psychology, and other subject classes.” Veko also took different courses outside of IRD studies, and worked in the Admissions department. It is here where she received a foundation in the marketing field. This work experience helped her to see that marketing was the path that she wanted to take. Later, Veko decided to get her master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing.

At her job in Malta, Veko needed to adapt to situations quickly. She says about her study and work experience at LCC,

“you become so flexible that it’s easy to learn a new skill. We were constantly taught how to mold ourselves around different situations.”

Giorgi, on the other hand, jokes that he represents the small minority of the general student population. According to Giorgi, most people after graduation want to just find a job and pursue careers, but he truly enjoys learning and studying at university. He states that he even enjoys writing papers, which definitely puts him into the minority.

Giorgi highlights,

“At LCC, we had to overcome challenges, and only after those challenges do we realize how much we can do and how much we can push ourselves. After graduating from LCC, Veko and I were challenge-hungry. We wanted to do something difficult, that was new to us that we haven’t done before.”

Veko and Giorgi have learned a lot more in their experience and from studying at LCC. Be sure to listen to the full webinar and hear all they have to share.

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