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Anastasiya Zhukava: “My heart is still full because it was such an important time of my life”


Anastasiya Zhukava is an LCC International University alumna from Belarus. Anastasiya graduated in 2013 with a BA in Business Administration and Marketing. Currently, she lives in Belarus and works as a Recruiting/Marketing Manager for a UAB ISMIRA company located in Klaipeda, recruiting personnel for large cruise ship companies.

Growing up, Anastasiya had a fascination for the English language and foreign educational systems. She began her academic journey in Vilnius and later on, transferred to LCC International University after visiting her friends, who studied at LCC. Anastasiya shared, “I walked around the campus, stayed in the dorm for a few days, and realized that it was the place that I belonged.”

As an LCC student, Anastasiya felt extremely lucky and grateful to discover her passion for marketing so early in her life. Besides being immersed in her studies, Anastasiya was an active member of the Klaipeda community. Being a local volunteer was a big part of her LCC experience. Anastasiya often did voluntary work at Klaipeda orphanage and was involved in various projects helping those in need. Another highlight of her volunteering experience was the Global Leadership Summit through City Church. Anastasiya loved the opportunity to improve her leadership skills and meet new people. Additionally, she was a member of a team of business students formed to participate in a nationwide Lithuanian marketing competition called Creative Shock. In 2012, Anastasiya’s team won third place and got an opportunity to meet and talk with Lithuanian entrepreneur, Vladas Lasas. As Anastasiya recalls, “working in a team, and my creativity and marketing skills were unique experiences that still to this day, put a smile on my face.”

Anastasiya thinks of LCC as her second home. She feels that LCC values and its international community filled with open-minded people are what made her the person she is today. She is especially grateful to one of her professors, Tom Frank, who greatly influenced her life, introduced her to the concept of marketing, and encouraged her every step of the way. Still many years since her graduation, Anastasiya stays in touch with her university mentor and treasures every memory of her extraordinary academic journey. “People are my favorite part about LCC. My heart is still full because it was such an important time of my life. I am so happy and thankful for all the connections I have made and for all the great people LCC brought into my life.”

After graduation, Anastasiya set clear career goals for herself and was determined to work hard to achieve them. Shortly after moving back to Belarus, Anastasiya found a job at UAB ISMIRA and has been working there as a Recruiting/Marketing manager ever since. Anastasiya is responsible for attracting professional candidates to work for large cruise ship companies. She loves her job and gladly takes on any challenge to grow professionally. She also enjoys the fact that her days are never the same, always filled with unexpected circumstances that require learning and developing new skills. “On a regular basis, I have to find professional bartenders, cooks, or receptionists with good English skills. Other days it gets more intense and specific where I urgently need to find candidates for a waiter position who speaks fluent Japanese! So it never gets boring. Overall, I am very lucky to do what I love for a living,” explained Anastasiya.

As all Belarusian people, Anastasiya is in great distress due to the current political disruption in Belarus. She cannot stay indifferent in such difficult times for her country and does all she can to make a change. As a person who is actively engaged in the social media world, Anastasiya constantly spreads awareness about the issue on her social media platforms, supports local movements and involved organizations. “I cannot stay silent in times like this and will continue to speak up for my country no matter how scared I am. For the first time in many years, we stand together as a nation to reclaim our identity, even though we have to do it the hard way.”

Looking back at her wonderful student experience, Anastasiya advises current LCC students, “I would highly encourage students to be brave and take advantage of all the great opportunities LCC provides for you. LCC is truly a unique place that provides everything you need to have the most incredible years of your life studying, exploring the world, and most importantly creating a network for a flourishing future. Appreciate your time there while this magical bubble filled with supportive and sincere people lasts. Make unforgettable memories with your friends to cherish for the rest of your life!”

Currently, Anastasiya is not only pursuing her career but also a dream of becoming an actress. Anastasiya plans to continue to be involved in the marketing business while continuing to make progress and work on her acting skills. As of now, Anastasiya is a member of one of the local theaters allowing her time to work towards this part of her dream. Both of these creative outlets, marketing and acting, allow her to showcase her creativity that has been a part of her life since childhood.

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