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LCC Admissions Counselor in Georgia


Our Admissions team keeps traveling around the world and spreading the word about LCC! Last Friday, October 25, Admissions Counselor Vero Kaishauri was invited to participate in the FLEX Program alumni meeting at the American Councils for International Education Georgia, in Tbilisi. The discussion revolved around the experiences of FLEX alumni in the USA in the context of what it means to be politically correct and how it translates into different cultures. Later in the weekend, Vero represented LCC at the Edu-Guide.Ge educational fair together with another LCC alumna - Mari Kasradze, class of 2019.

About the FLEX alumni meeting Vero shares: “As FLEX’13 alumna, I remember that people were not as inclined to worry about their choice of words; however, today this situation is different. We shared with other FLEX alumni about the use of language, history, and what it now means to respect each other on a different level. As an example, I shared about LCC and how diverse our community is. At LCC we make sure that everybody is welcomed and comfortable on campus, be they a student, a staff member, or a professor. Even as admissions counselors, we have to be culturally aware when we travel to different countries and how we need to make sure we use the right language. This is an important part of our job that also translates into our worldview.”

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