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30 years of LCC: a look through history #7


Last time we looked back on the Interim President of LCC - Peter Enns. This time, let's take a closer look at his successor - James Mininger who assumed the presidency of LCC in 1995 and remained in the position until 2008.

In these 13 years the President greatly participated in shaping LCC into the institution it is today. President Mininger moved LCC's center of operations into new facilities. At that time LCC had been renting Karklu dormitory and spaces from Klaipėda University. However, these had always been intended as temporary options, leading to an effort to find the real home for LCC.

Under Jim's presidency LCC also finally became an accredited institution of higher education. The original intention for LCC always was to be an accredited Bachelor of Arts granting institution of higher education.

What were the forces that brought about this long-awaited development? The way Jim Mininger sees it, there were 5 key contributions. First of all, LCC had graduated several classes, and the alumni were performing at high level in various fields and across graduate schools globally - the strongest evidence showing the qualities of an education institution. Second, LCC's long-lasting operation in Lithuania created an environment in which the application for accreditation could be met with eagerness and interest rather that doubt or suspicion. In addition, LCC was on a steady growth both faculty and student wise. The sheer size of the total persons meant that LCC needed to be taken seriously. What is more, LCC's new facilities created not only an impression of academic quality, but also of the financial resources necessary to establish and sustain a private institution. It was an outstanding example of what private education can accomplish without government financing. Finally, LCC was able to assemble a sound strategy for compiling the application and successfully moving through the various governmental agencies involved in the process.

As such, in the first few years of Jim Mininger's presidency LCC saw a long-awaited shift - one that brought LCC from determined but humble beginnings into a state-of-the-art university.

Head picture - Jim Mininger's inauguration as the president of LCC.

Picture 1 - the first three presidents of LCC from left to right: Peter Enns (1994-1995), Ernie Reimer (1992-1994), and Jim Mininger (1995-2008).

Picture 2 - Meeting with the President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus. L-R: Gordon Nielsen, Egle Zalatoriute, Leona DeFehr, Jim Mininger, Valdas Adamkus, Ala Minkeviciene, Rene Neumann, Dennis Neumann, Raimonda Balciunas, Otonas Balciunas.

Picture 3 - Jim Mininger (front row, left) and Leona DeFehr (front row, middle) attend the opening ceremony of the new LCC facilities.

Picture 4 - Jim and Virginia Miningers.

Picture 5 - Jim Mininger with secretary Ala Minkeviciene (left) and instructor Marg Fast (right) in the new facility.

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