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30 years of LCC: a look through history #6


We've talked about Ernie Reimer - the First Interim President (1992-1994) of LCC. Let's now turn our attention to the Second Interim President (1994-1995) - Peter Enns.

Peter recalls, "In the spring of 1994, when Ernie Reimer was completing a two-year term as interim president of LCC, Dennis and Rene Neumann asked us [Peter and Joan Enns] whether we would consider replacing Ernie and Elfrieda. After some time to think and pray about the matter, we arranged a meeting with Dennis and Rene in a local restaurant to make a final decision. We came to the meeting determined to say no to the invitation, thinking that the position was just too much out of our comfort zone. However, after numerous cups of coffee and further discussion, we consented. Later, as we reflected on the meeting, we both marvelled at how we had agreed to take on such an enormous responsibility.

We've never regretted that decision."

As the Interim President, Peter Enns assumed many responsibilities that had to do with the world beyond LCC. For instance, he put great effort to get accreditation for LCC; he also negotiated a deal whereby the Maritime College allowed using some of their facilities. LCC was still using some of the Klaipėda University facilities, but the Maritime College was just around the corner from the Karlu dormitory and was far more convenient.

Peter's wife, Joan Enns, took up the role of looking after the needs of the faculty. As the renovations of the Karklu dorm were in high gears, Joan also contributed with purchasing various household items - items that in the mid 90's Lithuania were in short supply. Still, the renovations of the Karlu dormitory were quick under the First Interim President.

Peter Enns finished his term in summer 1995, allowing Jim Mininger assume the first presidency of LCC. The Enns would return at the end of the summer break for another year at LCC - this time for less demanding responsibilities.

Cover picture - (from left to right) Len Loeppky, Ernie Reimer, Art DeFehr, Peter Enns, Dennis Neumann, Jim Mininger.

Picture 1 - Peter Enns.

Picture 2 - Joan Enns displaying some of her purchases to equip the 60 room dorm. It took nearly a year to purchase everything.

Picture 3 - Summer staff enjoying their supper. Marlene Wall in the foreground.

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