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30 years of LCC: a look through history #4


Last week, we looked into how LCC was operating in a part of Klaipėda University (KU) campus.

This story, however, would be incomplete without any mention of Karklu dormitory.

The dormitory building, situated at Karklu street 5 was rented by LCC in 1993. In November 1994, after significant efforts to renovate the place, the upper class students could finally move in. Early that afternoon the students with all their worldly goods boarded volunteer Reuben Holland's enclosed truck and the big move to Karklu was made. In February 1995 the second and third floors were occupied and by August 1995 the entire facility was occupied.

The life in Karklu saw the beginnings of certain LCC traditions, such as the annual barbeque. Karklu Dormitory was used by LCC until 2011, and now it is forever in the LCC's DNA.

In the recent times, the building was used by other local higher education institutions until the building was shut down a few years ago due to the deteriorating state of the structure.

Starting with the academic year of 2021-2022, LCC has found itself back on the street of Karklu. This time LCC occupies the 11th floor of a 12-story dormitory building right across the closed old one. This mini LCC Residence Hall is home to around 20 people, and is lead by Resident Director, the 2020 LCC alumna, Anastasiia Kasianchuk. Karklu Dormitory remains in the LCC DNA.

Picture 1 - LCC students move into the Karklu Dormitory in Fall 1994.

Picture 2 - LCC students at a barbeque.

Picture 3 - old Karklu Dormitory in 2021.

Picture 4 - old Karklu Dormitory as seen from the current Karklu Residence Hall.

Picture 5 - a hallway in the current Karklu Residence Hall.

Picture 6 - Klaipėda cityscape as seen from Karklu Residence Hall.

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