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30 years of LCC: a look through history #2


The first Summer Language Institute (SLI) at LCC took place in summer 1991 in Panevėžys - over 30 years ago!

Here's what Mary Dueck - an instructor at SLI at that time - had to say about the first course LCC offered: "Our team represented a wide range of interests and abilities. All members spoke at least two languages and had prior cross-cultural experience. Several had ESL (English as a Second Language) training and years of teaching experience. They ranged from young college-age students to early retirees. Eight of us came from the United States, ten from Canada. During the next several days as we engaged in orientation and finalized details of the program, we marveled at God’s providence in bringing this diverse group together for this very exciting venture. Throughout those days of preparation and the following weeks of instruction we recognized and learned to appreciate the gifts and contributions each team member brought: gifts of administration and negotiation, the ability to make the classroom a place in which learning was exciting, the gift of seeing the whole picture with a willingness to give attention to detail. We had team members who exuded warmth and generosity and put the nervous and the shy at ease. Others approached their classes with a sense of drama. Still others gave thoughtful answers and brought insight and depth to issues arising in literature or questions relating to faith."

At that time, LCC's small team offered summer and winter courses for learning English only. As such, it is breathtaking to see LCC having grown into a full university team of staff and faculty.

LCC provides not only opportunities to learn and improve one's English via the Summer Language Institute or through the English Language Institute (one can say we are not abandoning our roots!), but also has six strong BA programs and two strong MA programs.

In addition, LCC is growing the non-degree course offerings having launched a Cybersecurity Bootcamp done in partnership with Cybint.

The pictures below reflect this journey. The leading picture shows the SLI 1991 team of 18 people (most of LCC faculty at the time!), followed by a picture of English students - mostly teachers. In the modern times, the LCC team has expanded greatly.

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