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30 years of LCC: a look through history #1


At the invitation of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Lithuania Christian Fund began the establishment of Lithuania Christian College in the summer of 1991 in Panevezys. That summer the college began with classes in the English language at the first Summer Language Institute. During the fall and spring of 1991-1992, students studied English full-time in the English Language Institute.

“On a cold and blustery day, October 31, 1990 a protocol of intent to stat a Liberal Arts College in Lithuania was signed in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, by Darius Kuolys, Minister of Education and Culture, Otonas Balciunas, Johannes Reimer and myself. The location of the college was identified as Panevezys but the city name was left blank. The Government had recommended Panevezys for this venture, but since many of us were unfamiliar with the city, we wanted to visit it before signing. Since the next day was a national holiday, it was not possible to visit Panevezys first and then return to Vilnius to sign. As a result we all signed, leaving a blank space for the name of the city. We celebrated in the Education Minister’s office with a bottle of champagne and drove out to visit the proposed site. After a successful tour and meetings with local authorities, we filled in the blank and with the deputy mayor of Panevezys, Saulius Varnas, initialed the addition – ‘Panevezys’” from Art DeFehr memories (Lithuania Christian College: A Work in Progress, p. 2-3).

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