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Goal of this module

If your English test score is below the requirements of the BA program, we offer you an intensive English course.

Prerequisite Intensive Module in English (PRIME) is a part of the BA program. It is an additional module prior to being fully in BA courses.

PRIME is designed to help you improve academic English language skills and prepare for full BA studies.


Study & practice in an international environment

Earn credits

Toward your BA degree

“Support of passionate and intelligent instructors”

"I am so grateful that I was a PRIME student. First of all, I have improved my speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills in English thanks to support of passionate and intelligent instructors. Secondly, I became familiar with North American style of education that is so different from my home country educational system. Finally, I got useful skills of managing my time and finances. Therefore, I believe that my successful semester of PRIME was a great preparation for my further education at LCC."

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Uliana Kuziv
Country of origin: Ukraine
PRIME student, 2020

What to expect?

You will take English classes to improve your skills; you will have several classes each day like BA students do. 

How long will PRIME take?

It includes two semesters, each 14 weeks long.

If you have a high English proficiency test score and strong grades during first semester of PRIME, you will likely move to a full or partial schedule of BA courses after completing the first semester.     

If you have a low English proficiency test score and earn low grades in first semester of PRIME, you will likely continue in PRIME for two semesters.    

Will this affect my BA program?

Each student has an individual schedule for the BA program. During PRIME you will take some of classes for BA credit so there is no "catching up".  You might need more time to graduate, but it all depends on how you plan your course load.

No "catching-up"

Each student has an individual schedule

100% Success

All students who attend classes and show effort and progress move to the BA program

2-3 classes / day

Academic load similar to a BA student

15-18 students

Average group size


As part of the PRIME module, students will take academic language classes. In the second semester, some PRIME students will be able to take some BA classes as well.

Fall semester
  • Academic Reading and Vocabulary I (3 ECTS credits)
  • Introduction to University Writing (3 ECTS credits)
  • Academic Communication I: Listening, Note-taking and Discussion
  • English Grammar and Syntax (3 ECTS credits)
  • First Year Seminar 

After the first semester you will be evaluated and decision will be made if you stay for the second semester or move to BA course.  

Spring semester
  • Academic Reading and Vocabulary II (3 ECTS credits) 
  • University Research Writing (3 ECTS credits)
  • Academic Communication II: Presentation Skills (3 ECTS credits)
  • Integrated Skills
  • Text and Interpretation: the Gospel of Mark 
  • Contemporary Global Issues 

After completing the second semester, students who showed effort and progress, and have met the academic criteria will move to BA course.  


You should complete a standard application for the BA program of your choice and send us all required documents.

Upon receiving them, we will evaluate your application and inform you if you are accepted to attend PRIME first.  

Entry requirements

PRIME is part of the BA program. It has lower language requirements, but you have to meet all other academic criteria.  

Language requirements for PRIME
LanguageCert International ESOL B1 50-59
*Duolingo is no longer accepted for LCC Admissions from November 16, 2022 applying for 2023-2024 intake and further.

Payment & aid

Total price for two semesters of PRIME is 2025 EUR. Each semester includes 9 ECTS credits and costs 1012.50 EUR.

Financial aid

Students are not eligible for any financial aid while they attend PRIME. However, you will be able to apply for financial aid for your BA Program as soon as you finish one or two semesters of PRIME (depending on your performance).

Read about financial aid for BA programs >

Refund policy

Unforeseen circumstances may sometimes cause students to request a tuition fee refund. Please read our rules:  

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