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Flourishing Community Capital Campaign lithuanian

Case For Support

LCC International University is the only Christian liberal arts university in Europe. Since it was founded over 30 years ago, LCC has been a beacon of academic excellence and spiritual vitality in Eastern Europe.

Now LCC is excited to expand the current campus building complex to meet our growth needs. This Flourishing Community Building Project will be financed through the generosity of global donors with a goal of $8.9M (CAD) / $7.1M (USD).

The current library facilities — though one of the largest English-language libraries in Lithuania — is very limited. Our staff and faculty have patiently adapted to make the most out of the current library space. A flourishing community needs learning spaces to be places of visual inspiration, functional efficiency, and technological innovation. LCC students and faculty will thrive and grow in a new library environment that is built for purpose.

A modern learning community needs areas for personal reflection and inspiration and intensive research. The project will therefore include a spacious new library with private study rooms and modern information technologies.

The current LCC student body is now the largest in our history and future projections indicate continued growth at a rate of 5% per year. Our students need room to study and meet in groups, gather for extracurricular events, and eat in a dining area designed for community. These activities are currently very limited for students on the LCC campus.

To flourish, the growing student population (both residential and commuting) needs additional spaces to gather together for academic and extracurricular activities. To accomplish this, the Project will include a new student center, student academic lounge, atrium, plaza, cafe, terrace, and executive dining room.

In honor of generous contributions to the Flourishing Community Project, certain buildings and features will be available for naming by donors giving significantly to the cost of that space or feature. The naming of buildings and programs at LCC takes into consideration the mission and identity of the university as well as the reputation of the named individual or family. This practice expresses gratitude to the individuals and families who are investing in LCC, but it also demonstrates to the community the importance of charitable giving in the growth of educational institutions. See below a list of spaces at the various giving levels.

In addition to outright gifts of cash, there are alternative ways of providing a generous commitment to the capital campaign. LCC supporters may own stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that have appreciated beyond their original cost and may consider making their campaign gift with these appreciated securities.

Other appreciated assets, such as land or real estate, are also options for donation and we can discuss these possibilities with you in more detail to find the giving method that best suits your preferences and interests. In some countries, such gifts also serve as tax-efficient methods for supporting charities like LCC International University.

Donor(s) may choose to make their campaign gifts payable over a period of up to three years with the completion of a written commitment form.

Please contact Robert Bethke ( with further questions.