Program Schedule

July 27, Saturday

July 28, Sunday
14:00 Info session
15:00 Klaipėda guided walking tour

July 29, Monday
09:00 Opening courses
10:00 – 12:30 Lectures

July 30, Tuesday
09:00-12:30 Lectures
14:00 Presentation of statistical information about Lithuania and watching a documentary movie about Lithuania

July 31, Wednesday
9:00–12:30 Lectures
14:00 Visiting the Castle of Klaipeda Museum

August 1, Thursday
9:00–12:30 Lectures
14:00 Watching the movie “The Other Dream Team” 

August 2, Friday
9:00–12:30 Lectures

August 3, Saturday
10:00 Trip to Curonian Spit and Nida (Juodkrantė, Hill of witches, Grey dunes, the dune of Parnidis, Nida, and seaside)

August 5, Monday
9:00–12:30 Lectures
14:00 Overview of the historical situation after World War II. Movie “The Invisible Front” (lith. „Nematomas frontas“)

August 6, Tuesday
9:00–12:30 Lectures

August 7, Wednesday
9:00–12:30 Lectures

August 8, Thursday
9:00–12:30 Lectures
14:00 Watching the movie “How we Played the Revolution” (lith. „Kaip mes žaidėme revoliuciją“)

August 9, Friday
9:00–12:30 Lectures

August 10, Saturday
10:00 Excursion to Palanga resort, botanical garden and Amber Museum

August 12, Monday
9:00–12:30 Lectures

August 13, Tuesday
9:00–12:30 Lectures
13:00 Visit to Lithuania Sea Museum and Dolphinarium

August 14, Wednesday
9:00–12:30 Lectures
14:00 – Reading poetry in national languages

August 15, Thursday
9:00–12:30 Lectures

August 16, Friday
9:00–12:30 Lectures
15:00 Boat excursion in the Sea Port of Klaipėda

August 17, Saturday
9:00 Trip to Žemaitija National Park, The Cold War exposition, Festival of Baltic Knights “Apuolė”

August 19, Monday
9:00–12:30 Lectures Evening of traditions. Presentation of the regions of Lithuania, food tasting, folk dance night.

August 20, Tuesday
9:00–12:30 Lectures

August 21, Wednesday
9:00–12:30 Written and oral exams

August 22, Thursday
9:00 Trip to Kaunas and Trakai, overnight in Vilnius

August 23, Friday
Excursion in the old town of Vilnius. Visiting the Center for Civil Education

August 24, Saturday
Excursion to the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

August 25, Sunday

The cultural program could be changed according to the weather conditions, organized festivals, as well as student’s needs and requests.   

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