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Conference "A European Network on digital Undergraduate Research"

February 23-24, 2023

Aim of the conference

Undergraduate research (UR), i.e., student research as a teaching and learning principle, is an innovative and open pedagogy and has become a major consideration among universities around the world. As studies show, UR supports rapid, deep learning in a discipline, reduces dropout rates and fosters inclusion. Therefore, UR is considered a characteristic of high-impact educational practices and of leading European research universities. The pandemic redefined UR in that research and learning had to happen online.


The idea of this conference is to bring together academics from all over Europe to share experiences with Undergraduate Research, to get to know how you can digitally advance Undergraduate Research and to inform about the results of the Erasmus+ project.

Mentoring online undergraduate research
Using the Learning Planet Institute (LPI), Paris platform for student research
Setting up student research hubs
Measuring digital research competencies


Time & Location

The conference will start on February 23 at 09:30 and will end on February 24 at 15:30.


Full conference schedule

Check full schedule for details.


We invite scholars from all over Europe to present their experience with Undergraduate Research, e.g., UR projects, research results on UR.

Deadline for abstract (no more than 200 words) submission: January 10, 2023

*Conference attendance without poster presentation is possible.

** No registration fees.

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