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Experience Europe

See the world

Want to see the world, learn new languages and experience foreign cultures? Study Abroad Lithuania provides just that.

True international experience

Learn in an international community at LCC International University. As part of the program travel to Georgia (the country not the state) and the Baltics as part of the program - all while earning academic credit at a Christian liberal arts university.

North American

Education style

Liberal Arts


50+ Countries

Students from around the world


All courses taught in English

“As I boarded my flight for Europe, I could not fathom how the next few months would look.”

“I left everything I knew back in the United States and set out across the Atlantic Ocean en route to my new home in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Amidst the sudden change of my environment, I was welcomed with warm hospitality by the LCC community. As time passed, a place that felt so foreign began to feel familiar. I started to recognize faces and remember names. I learned which buses could get me home and decided which coffee shops were my favorite. Throughout the semester, I went on spontaneous adventures, created everlasting friendships, and learned so much about Eastern European history and culture. The opportunity to attend LCC International University was an opportunity to immerse myself into a variety of cultures and languages, as well as engage in memorable interactions with students from all over the world. The ability to invest in myself by studying abroad is one I will never forget. At LCC, you will grow, learn, laugh, and most importantly love."

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Elena Calderon
Azusa Pacific University, USA

Included in the Program:

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Academic Credit

15-18 academic credits (5-6 courses).

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Monthly Stipend

Monthly cash stipend for food and entertainment.

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Trip to Latvia & Estonia

Weekend trip to Riga, Latvia & Tallinn, Estonia.

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Free use of textbooks.

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On-campus housing with 3-4 international roommates.

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Travel Lithuania

Orientation in Vilnius and local excursions.

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Trip to Georgia

a 9 day trip over the mid-semester break*.

*Or alternative trip if travel restrictions persist.

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Lithuanian student visa.

Living in Klaipėda

Klaipėda is the third largest city in Lithuania, located on the Baltic Sea. It is a thriving regional hub of business and culture, and a seaside resort in the summer season.

With over 80% of young people speaking English, you will have no difficulties finding your way around town and enjoying local culture.

Lithuania is a member of the EU and Schengen Agreement, which means you will be able to explore neighboring countries and Central Europe without any borders.

Local Living

Residence Halls

Home away from home - a community where each person is valued and respected, and safety is a priority. 

Student Rooms

Rooms are shared by 4 or 5 residents of the same age and gender. All rooms are set up as a suite. Each resident has a bed, desk, closet space and Wi-Fi access, with a bathroom and shower, and a full-size refrigerator in their suite. There is a large, modern kitchen and lounge on each floor.

You will also have access to:
  • Study rooms & library
  • Gym
  • Cafeteria
  • Computer lab
  • Game rooms
  • Chapel/prayer room
  • Laundry facilities
Check our campus map >
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Full campus

On-site residence halls, academic buildings, cafeteria and gymnasium. 

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Transport hub

Easy, inexpensive access to nearby countries by train, bus, plane or ferry.  

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Old town nearby

Campus is within walking distance of the heart of Klaipėda.

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Safe & affordable

Low pollution, crime index and cost of living.  

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Tight community

Lifelong friendships formed through small classes, residence life, and campus activities.

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Nature all around you

Sand dunes, the sea, and pine forest trails. All 15 minutes away from campus.

Studies at LCC

We offer major-specific courses in Business, Economics, English, Psychology, Communications, International Relations and Theology along with a wide range of other courses to meet your general education requirements.

Create your own schedule

You can plan your own schedule by selecting individual courses to match your academic and professional goals.

Select individual courses >

Eligibility Criteria

  • Sophomore, junior or senior status
  • At least one semester completed at your university
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher

* All majors can apply. In special circumstances those with GPA's lower than 2.7 can be considered.


The cost of your semester abroad will be similar to the cost of a semester at your home university. If you study at a school on our partner list your program fee is paid directly to your university, allowing you to maintain student status and (often) eligibility for financial aid. 

If your university does not allow you to apply institutional aid to off-campus programs you can consider applying for external scholarships. For the cost of your semester and information regarding financial aid, contact your Off-Campus Programs office or us.  

Application process

Check LCC classes

Check LCC classes for selected semester on this page

Submit online application

Submit online application

Get peer & faculty recommendations

Get peer & faculty recommendations, click to read instructions.

Get off-campus office approval

Get off-campus office approval

Get results within 2 weeks

Get results within 2 weeks

Deadlines & Itinerary

Your experience and program structure varies depending on the duration of your stay. Select a term to view your deadlines and semester dates.

  • September 15: Early Acceptance Deadline
  • October 15: Application Deadline
  • January 4 – 8: Orientation & Travel in Lithuania
  • January 9: Semester starts
  • March 4 – 12: Spring Break Trip
  • April 6 – 9: Weekend Trip to Riga & Tallinn
  • April 24 – 28: Final Exams
  • April 29: Departure from Lithuania
  • February 1: Early Acceptance Deadline
  • March 15: Application Deadline
  • April 15: Extended Application Deadline
  • August 24 - 28: Orientation & Travel in Lithuania
  • August 29: Semester starts
  • October 29 - November 6: Fall Break Trip
  • November 27 – 30: Weekend Trip to Riga & Tallinn
  • December 12 – 16: Final Exams
  • December 17: Departure from Lithuania


Hoping to gain experience in your field while studying abroad? LCC offers internships in many fields. You can choose one of the positions below or contact us to arrange a custom internship according to your field of interests.

Included in the Internship Program:

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Work experience

15-20 hours of work experience per week.

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Supervision & feedback

Performance evaluation & feedback by Study Abroad Director and internship mentor.

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Your goals

Incorporation of academic goals & requirements.

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Reference letter from Study Abroad Director and internship mentor.

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Record of hours worked and completed assignments.

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Certificate of participation and program completion.

Credit transfer

The Internship Program is not an academic internship, independent study or a paid job. Although credit is not offered through LCC, you may be eligible to receive internship credit through your home institution. Please contact us for more information about credits.  

Available Internships

Below are internship positions that many Study Abroad alumni have enjoyed. If you don't see something that meets your interests or academic requirements, just let us know.

We have other connections with local businesses and organizations, and are happy to personalize a position for you. Applications are reviewed prior to the semester and confirmed upon arrival. Spots are limited for each position, so we recommend applying early. 

Creatively gather stories from others, or share your own, as you document the essence of a semester in Lithuania through video and photography. Also manage Study Abroad Lithuania’s social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and WordPress.

Great for: Photography, Journalism, Graphic Design, Marketing, and Communication majors.

Actively and creatively serve as a teaching assistant for children, teens, and adults who attend weekly English lessons at LCC. Build relationships with locals while learning to manage a small classroom and provide English language instruction in a semi-formal setting. 

Great for: TESOL, English, and Education majors. 

Apply your English language skills as a peer tutor in LCC’s Student Success Center. Help freshmen with their academic writing skills by reviewing assignments, studying for exams, and assisting with composition. 

Great for: TESOL, English, and Education majors – or anyone interested in tutoring and student development. 

Work alongside LCC’s Communications Department to create written and graphic marketing materials. Be responsible for writing and proofreading articles, conducting interviews, and compiling newsletters. 

Great for: Communication, Marketing, and Journalism majors. 

Assist our Spiritual Life Department with on-campus ministries like chapel, bible studies, worship nights, and other service initiatives. Experience a dynamic spiritual environment worshiping with Christian students from around the world. 

Great for: Christian Ministry, Biblical Studies, Theology – or anyone interested in spiritual life. 

You can apply for an internship if:

  • You have been accepted for Study Abroad Lithuania.
  • You have paid your deposit.

Applications will be reviewed prior to your semester and confirmed upon arrival to Lithuania. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Complete online application now >

Summer Program

Unable to spend a full semester in Lithuania? Maybe a summer by the sea will work for you.    

We offer the following opportunities:
  • 5-week academic term in 2023
  • Summer internship and volunteer positions
  • Travel in Northern Europe
Learn more >

For Parents

Your kids are going abroad, perhaps for the first time. You are probably worried and have lots of questions. However, Lithuania is a safe and welcoming country. You can learn more about it by following this link.

Read about Lithuania >


Students live in a tight on-campus community among other international students. While traveling we take all necessary precautions:

  • If students travel with the group, we have teams and procedures to oversee all excursions.
  • If students travel on their own, we keep travel information and contact numbers to know where they are.


Use FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts or any other video chat app to keep in touch and make the adjustment period easier for both of you.

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Please make sure their passport is valid for at least six months after their last day abroad.

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Lithuanian Visa

After being accept to our program, students will be provided with step-by-step instructions on how to obtain a visa. We provide support and necessary documents for this process. Visas can be obtained from consulates located in: Chicago, IL; New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA or Washington, D.C. It is possible for students to get a visa upon arrival to Lithuania, however we strongly advise to get it prior to departure.

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Prescription medication & immunization

Ensure they are up to date on any immunizations and have prescription medication for duration of the program.

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Health care

In case of sickness or emergencies, students can attend the health clinic in Lithuania and get reimbursed by their insurance.

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We recommend obtaining a bank card that doesn't charge foreign transaction fees. Inform your bank of the travel dates to avoid card being frozen as part of fraud prevention. Cash can be withdrawn from local ATM's, but note that banks generally charge you for each withdrawal.

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