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Paulauskienė, Ph.D.

Profesorius (ė)

From: Lietuva

At LCC Since: 2010

Key Areas

  • American Literature after 1837
  • Television Studies
  • Trauma and Memory


How Ántonia Became “My” Ántonia: the “New” Immigrant Woman as a Model American.

LCC author(s): Aušra Paulauskienė, Ph.D.

In the Country of Lost Borders: New Critical Essays on My Antonia. Ed. Stéphanie Durrans (p. 145-161).. Paris: Presses Universitaires de Paris Nanterre., 2017.

Lost and Found: The Discovery of Lithuania in American Fiction.

LCC author(s): Aušra Paulauskienė, Ph.D.

Rodopi: Amsterdam & New York, 2007., 2007.