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Why Choose a BA in International Business Administration?


We are excited to present a BA degree in International Business Administration! Join us for an online webinar led by Indrė Razbadauskaitė-Venskė, an Instructor in Business Department. The webinar will be happening online on Thursday, June 4th, at 16:00. Link to register for the webinar:

Our International Business Administration program provides you a world of opportunities to thrive in local and global markets: analytical skills to understand your markets and plan strategically, operational skills to carry out basic business tasks, and leadership skills to manage a business effectively. With this degree you may pursue a career in accounting and finance, marketing, or human resources; in management and leadership at all levels; or in the use of business and economic analysis for consulting.

BA degree in International Business Administration offers a wide variety of courses that one can take once enrolled in LCC. Our faculty who teach in the Business Department come from different fields including cyber security and marketing. It is important to understand that when it comes to studying Business, one does not simply learns about Accounting or Economics. At LCC, we offer courses that help our students to develop in multiple directions and become experts in their chosen fields. Some of the courses include: Business and its Environment, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Communications, Foundations of Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Negotiations, New Product Development, Human Resource Management, and many more.

During the four years of studies in the Business field, students are taught critical thinking, what it means to run your own business; they develop business research skills and are able to apply all the theoretical knowledge in practice. As a Business major, you will be able to complete your practicum in a local company in Klaipėda, which will introduce you to the real Business world. Once you have graduated with the BA degree in Business, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to open your own company or assist others in achieving their goals.

“LCC is a vibrant, diverse community where you can learn much about yourself, as well as about many other beautiful cultures. I chose to pursue the International Business Administration program because it offers a lot of knowledge in all aspects of business and prepares you for becoming a successful professional. One of the highlights of being a Business major is that the program pays attention to soft skills such as communication, critical thinking, integrity, and leadership. Moreover, it helps to shape those skills through practical tasks, and mentorship from professors," shared Marsela Saraci, LCC 2020 alumna.

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