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What is a BA in International Relations and Development


We are excited to present a BA degree in International Relations and Development! Join us for an online webinar led by Dr. Scott Neumann, an IRD Department Chair. The webinar will be happening online on Monday, June 8, at 16:00. Link to register for the webinar:

Dr. Neumann shared about the IRD major and its benefits: "We live in a world that is increasingly interconnected. We need to understand how countries interact and how they develop socially and economically. The International Relations and Development Program teaches those things. Our students have produced theses in areas ranging from international migration by Lithuanians to the effectiveness of education programs in Punjab.

Our program is both theoretical and practical. Students will receive a general background in the liberal arts, training in the theory of political science, international relations and development studies, and training in practical skills in managing programs. Students start with courses introducing them to Political Science and Development and advance to more specialized courses including topics such as International Law, Migration, and Theories of NGOs. Our alumni have done internships in national foreign ministries, embassies, and non-governmental organizations.

If you are interested in understanding how the world works today or interested in getting a job in government service or Non-Governmental work, then we look forward to having you join us.

Here's what our graduates and students have to say about the IRD program.

“Anything new that I'm learning is basically a more in-depth continuation of what I learned at LCC. So for the most part I feel very familiar with the concepts which I think speaks volumes about the solid foundation that the IRD program was for me and is for everyone else hopefully. I think the same would be true for any IR field I had chosen to continue my studies in other than Security Studies" - Giorgi Kaishauri on LCC IRD Program and his current Master’s Degree studies in Italy.

"Studying International Relations and Development at LCC gives an opportunity to feel and understand the global world and its trends. It is a great start for those who want to improve the world and seek like-minded people. IRD department is about academic challenges but it is also much more about the strong community that is always ready to support you and your ideas," - Ilia Tkachenko, junior at LCC.

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