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This year LCC annual Christian conference Saltshaker hosted 234 participants from Italy, Estonia, Germany, France, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Albania, and Lithuania and speakers from the U.S.A., Lithuania and Estonia.

Saltshaker is a three-day conference that started 16 years ago at LCC International University with the idea to bring together youth from different faith backgrounds to celebrate, learn and worship. The conference always has a practical element, so that participants not only come to enjoy a safe setting, but also put faith into action. Thus, service projects have been a big part of the conference from its inception. Projects include visiting orphanages, shelters, hospitals and other locations where participants can serve the community. During the three days, participants learn about Jesus Christ and His teachings from guest speakers’ lecturers and from each other. They also get to spend New Year’s together in a meaningful way where everyone is accepted and appreciated no matter their Christian denomination.

Vidmantė Tamošiūnaitė was a teenager when she participated in Saltshaker for the first time. Since then, her relationship with LCC International University and with Saltshaker has been growing strong:

“Even though the structure of the program has remained the same for the last few years, I am very happy to meet new people from different places again and again. I meet various people and then each year when they come back I can see how we grow, how we develop, how we come back as volunteers or as leaders, and I am happy to see those changes.”

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