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Gevorg Hayrapetian: Marking the Senior year as the president of StuCo


Say hi to Gevorg Hayrapetian! He’s a Senior from Armenia majoring in Business Administration, and he leaves an important mark by being the president of the Student Council (StuCo) for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Gevorg’s journey to LCC began a few years ago. Having graduated from high school which operated in English, the young man was involved with EducationUSA and was working with Armenian students looking for education opportunities abroad. After an ordinary university fair, Gevorg, being a prospective student himself, received a brochure from LCC with an invitation to apply. The Armenian student admits that he didn’t plan to be in Europe for a few years - but LCC’s international dimension coupled with Gevorg knowing some of the Armenian students at LCC resulted in the unexpected decision to apply. ‘The last years of high-school were in English, and I was looking for a university where I would be studying in English, too. I wanted to be a part of an international community. After talking with the LCC students that I knew, it was clear for me that I should apply.’

The future StuCo president made the decision to study Business Administration. He says he’s always appreciated design, branding marketing, and wanted to start his own business for a long time. While at LCC, these dreams started to come true! After the Freshman year, Gevorg didn’t participate in Work & Travel, but went back to Armenia instead. There, he worked at ARLOOPA, a studio that developed VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) games and entertainment. While at ARLOOPA, Gevorg worked with project management and marketing, and even led a small start-up. Although the initiative had to be left behind when Gevorg returned to LCC in Fall, in Lithuania he committed himself to another start up ‘Brand Factory’. Here, the Armenian did clothing design and worked with Lithuanian businesses to produce the clothes.

As the StuCo president, Gevorg and his colleagues were hard at work the whole summer preparing for the academic year. ‘It all comes down to who you work with. We have an amazing team this year, and we’ll be announcing what we’ve been cooking during the first week of September. I’m really excited!’. Gevorg looks long-term. He wants to create something that will last not only for the 2021-2022 academic year, but beyond as well. StuCo wants to lay the foundation for an expanded Student Constitution, policies and the general culture that would be used by future Student Council teams. ‘We want to update the policies because we put a great deal of attention to transparent communication’. StuCo is also expanding beyond LCC and will have a bigger presence together with the Student Councils of other institutions of higher education, where the new External Relations Officer will help. ‘The goals are big, but possible to achieve’.

What is the post-LCC future for the StuCo president from Armenia? ‘After graduation, I will most likely stay in Lithuania, hopefully with a work opportunity, and hopefully still in Klaipėda! I love this city and the nature around.'

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