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Finding Oneself in a Foreign Place


Baiba Oksentjuka from Latvia, has decided to participate in the Summer Language Institute at LCC International University after visiting an educational fair in Riga. What has been a desire to improve English proficiency, now turned SLI into a unique experience that has already impacted Baiba’s life.

Could you share how you discovered LCC?
Several months ago I was visiting an educational fair in Riga as I was searching for new opportunities to study foreign languages. When I was at the fair, the LCC booth and its representatives caught my attention. When I came back home I realized SLI was the place I wanted to participate in.

What are your impressions of SLI?
The teaching methods used in classes are impressive. Teachers at SLI create exercises through games and we have to use new words or phrases, so this helps us remember what we learn. Being active in class either listening to someone or talking with someone, pushes us to get out of our comfort zone. Moreover, there are a lot of interesting subjects, which I am sure will be useful for my job. I have an opportunity to learn more about global issues and improve my public speaking skills. I am happy to be a part of the community where everyone is involved in learning English language in different ways. We also learn through events, movie sessions, and various clubs that happen during the week.

Baiba, SLI implies living in the dorm. How are you finding it so far?
When I arrived at LCC in the beginning of SLI, I did not have any expectations about living in the dorm. However, when I met my roommates and other people from my floor, I felt lucky. I am able to communicate with all these people from around the world and we help each other learn. On the other hand, being in a class with teenagers is also an interesting experience. They are open and sometimes it is easier to communicate with them, since they do not shy away from conversations. I am impressed by how smart they are and how much I can learn from them.

How do you manage to combine traveling and working full time?
Currently, I work remotely for one of the Italian companies that manufactures wooden frames, so I get to travel almost every month. In general, traveling is an essential part of my personality. However, it is not enough for me, and I often travel to other countries just for myself. I have been to 50 countries already, but I do not feel this is something unusual. I cannot stay for a long time in one place, so I always have to be on the move.

Even though this is your first time at SLI, how has it impacted you?
I met amazing people with different lifestyles, and they have become my motivation. I started attending Spanish classes led by Michelle Reina, one of the teachers at SLI. I watch movies in English every Tuesday and Thursday, and I try to spend my free time exploring Klaipėda. Moreover, the topic of SLI "What's your why", made me think about my identity. I am trying to discover more about myself and my purpose in life. I feel that I understand more about the world around me. I want to thank people who decided to create such a unique program that unites many people from around the world with the same goal in mind - to improve English proficiency and broaden their horizons.

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