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Andrew Jones: Farewell to a five-year journey at LCC


Andrew Jones is probably known as one of the most favored professors among students here at LCC International University. Andrew works as an Assistant Professor in the Communications Department. Andrew has been a part of LCC for five years now, and his work has made a huge impact on the whole LCC community personally and professionally. Jones shared his insights on experiences at our university, what it's like to move and establish a life into a completely different continent of the world, and how he found Communications as his calling.

Born and raised in the United States, a country of many opportunities, Andrew Jones describes himself as a constant learner, “Every summer, I take at least one course to master a professional skill that I don’t have yet. I can learn myself and add it to my CV.” Professor Jones pursued an undergraduate degree in Theater and Speech in a liberal arts institution, making LCC’s educational model feel very familiar. After graduation, he relocated to Edinburgh, Scotland, and spent a few years working for a Theater company that brought performers from all around the world to perform in one of the largest arts festivals, Edinburgh International Festival Fringe. Being curious and seeking knowledge in every step, Andrew Jones decided to continue his academic journey and moved to Lynchburg Virginia to study for a Master’s Degree. During his studies, he also managed to work as an Internal Consultant in an accounting company.

Although Andrew Jones is a big fan of the arts, he did not see this field as a potential career path. “There are a lot of opportunities, and you could get valuable experience, but it is also very vague. Constant changes, little control over what you’re trying to accomplish,” shared Jones. The professor’s passion for communication occurred when he got a chance to do political consulting and help a person running for office with communication strategy. Having also an opportunity to teach communications, Andrew felt this was his true calling and continued in this field ever since. Andrew is an experienced professional in communications, with a strong background and focus on ancient rhetoric and recent social scientific literature. Ancient rhetoric requires reading old texts, analyzing Cicero, Plato, and Aristotle, while recent social scientific literature focuses on best practices that will produce efficient results, solving a particular communication issue.

He mentioned that as a faculty member at LCC, the responsibilities are divided into three main areas: teaching, service, and research. “Same as in many North American style institutions, here at LCC all three areas are divided pretty evenly,”  commented Jones. As a part of the research, his goals are to write at least one publication per year and attend a few major international conferences. Although his favorite part of the job is the interaction and connection with students. “It all makes it worth it when you’re working with students and they get it. When they genuinely understand.”

It is no surprise that most of LCC’s professors are introduced to our liberal arts institution through word of mouth. The same situation occurred with Andrew Jones when he heard of an opportunity to teach at LCC international University through a friend while he was finishing up with his dissertation. He then became a part of the LCC community in 2016. But as every story has a great beginning, this story is slowly approaching its end. It has been quite a ride, and Professor Andrew Jones has made an incredible impact on many students. “The part of my time at LCC I will miss the most is the chance to work with students from all over the world. At LCC, we have students coming from Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the United States, etc., and I will miss that opportunity to hear from multiple diverse perspectives,” said Jones. He mentioned that during these five years, he has also enjoyed Klaipeda very much, the beautiful Baltic seaside and the green woods that are just a stone’s throw to Melnrage beach, and the nicely developed infrastructure in the city.

Focusing on the future, Andrew Jones is relocating back to his homeland, and will continue to teach Communications courses at Davis & Elkins College in West Virginia, and hopes to continue the research that ties him to Lithuania. “I came to LCC on the 25th anniversary, and now I am leaving on the 30th. I like to believe there is something significant to that.”

The LCC community has enjoyed having Dr. Jones as a vital part of these five years.  For now, we bid him farewell and hope to stay connected for many years to come.

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