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2008 Distinguished Alumni

2001 English Langugage and Literature

I thank God and everyone who were, and are my help and inspiration

Saulius graduated from LCC in 2001. He started his studies in 1993 in the Winter Language Institute and entered his first year of college in 1994. After a year of studies Saulius joined a Christian ministry group Covenant Players and served there for three years. He returned back to LCC in 1998 together with his new wife and they both were very active members of the LCC community.
Saulius is currently working as the pastor of the City church in Klaipėda. He is an active and passionate leader, a faithful pastor, a great teacher, and a person with a big heart. Saulius is involved in many social projects in the city, is developing a Christian retreat center and continues having close connections to LCC. For several years Saulius has been a key person in helping plan the annual Christian youth conference Saltshaker that takes place at LCC International University.
When accepting the award, Saulius commented: “The faculty and staff that worked here always had one quality – they believed in the students, and saw the students’ potential more than the students did themselves. Many of my professors, like Dean Pinter, Steve Trotter, and David Shenk had more dreams for me than I dared to dream for myself. The professors did not just teach – they mentored, cared and inspired me to realize that life is too short to just “go with the flow.” Life without passion, life without sacrifice, life without search to find one‘s call in this world is not a life worth living. Seeing the passion and dedication of those who were giving their lives to make this university what it is today inspires me to likewise serve people, accept them as they are and help them find their call in life. I thank God and everyone who were, and are my help and inspiration. Thank you.”