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2010 Distinguished Alumni

2004 Business Administration

Desire to work in international development started at LCC

Lorna Graduated from LCC in 2004 with a major in Business Administration after three years at LCC. While a student, Lorna was a Resident Assistant (RA) for two years as well as volunteering with the Salvation Army’s Klaipėda city dump ministry. Lorna was also the 2004 recipient of the Leadership Excellence award presented at the Baccalaureate ceremony.
Lorna’s service to the LCC Community was only a small glimpse of the dedication to service that she has displayed in her life, prior to coming to LCC and after. Before LCC, Lorna worked with post-war children affected by the war in Kosovo and dedicated time each summer to work at children’s camps in her home country of Albania.
After LCC, Lorna returned to Albania and worked with the International Organization for Migration in Tirana, Albania. At the IOM, she helped potential Albanian migrants find information for legal channels for migration, family reunification and other needs. Her work gave her opportunities to work with centers for migration in Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Kosovo.
In 2006, Lorna earned her M.S. in International Economic Development at Eastern University in Pennsylvania. Her interest in Economic development sent her on an internship to Quito, Ecuador where she worked with the Centro del Muchacho Trabajador (Youth Work Center) where she worked with small business development, taught technical English, basic Accounting in Spanish, led support groups for abused women and worked on other projects targeting children and the elderly.
In 2007 Lorna returned to Albania to work for World Vision as Program Manager for World Vision’s Tirana Area Development program. Lorna directed a team that designed, proposed, monitored and evaluated community programs and strategies for development in the Tirana area in coordination with World Vision’s overall goals for development.
In January of 2008, Lorna returned to LCC to teach in the Business Administration department, teaching courses in Micro and Macro Economics, Development Economics and First Year Seminar. Lorna is a student favorite for her strong command of her subject area, her heart for people and the love for her subject and her manner of presenting Economics, not for Economics sake, but as a part of life.