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2012 Distinguished Alumni

2005 Business Administration

Social Media and Public Communication consultant for NGO's and Political Organisations

Jurgita is a 2005 graduate from LCC International University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.
Currently she serves as a Chief of Staff to the member of the European Parliament prof. Leonidas Donskis, PhD. Jurgita started her career in politics in the year 2002 and ever since has been working as a political party operative, adviser to members of the National and European Parliaments and now as a chief of staff. She was an assistant to seven election campaign managers for local, presidential, national and European parliamentary elections.
The milestone in Jurgita’s career was the election to the Klaipėda City Council at the age of 26 and becoming the youngest ever female city councilor. Jurgita is also a founder and an expert of a free market political think tank and a foundation engaged in political education and grassroots movement mobilization for elections.
Recently Jurgita has started her private consulting work for local party branches and local leaders concentrating on political and voter communication, new media strategy, issues management, grassroots organizing, and political training. Her work is mostly carried out in Lithuania, but she has extensive understanding and information on political situations in Eastern Europe and Caucasus countries.  A passionate traveler, Jurgita now lives between two cities – Klaipėda and Brussels.