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LCC isn’t for everyone – especially not for those who only care about the diploma at the end of their studies. Instead, LCC is best suited for those who seek an Education for Life.

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Online event calendar

Our weekly online events consist of two parts:   

A presentation of the program will take place on Mondays at 16:00. During the presentation, the program instructor will present a study program, its subjects, who is it the most suitable for and what the opportunities are after its completion. Existing students and program alumni will share their experience during the online event too. 

On Thursdays at 16:00 the program’s professor will provide an opportunity to experience what it’s like to study at LCC by giving a 15-20-minute sample lecture. There will be a discussion after the lecture to answer any of your questions. Students who actively participate in the lecture will receive 2 additional points towards their admission score. 

  • Upcoming online event:  BA in Theology and it will take place on the 22nd of June.     
BA Psychology
  • May 18-22th
BA Contemporary Communication
  • May 25-29th
BA International Business Administration
  • June 1-5th
BA International Relations and Development
  • June 8-12th
BA English Language & Literature
  • June 15-19th
BA Theology
  • June 22 -26th

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Truly international university

LCC International University is a North American style Liberal Arts University in Klaipeda, Lithuania, where students come from 50+ different countries, making student life at LCC a truly immersive experience of cultures, religions, ideas, and perspectives.  Over 60% of our faculty are international with a majority of them coming from North America.

Students who study at LCC forge life lasting friendships, enrich their worldview with invaluable cultural and social experiences while receiving education, not just a diploma.

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TRULy international

73% of all students come from over 50 countries

north american style

The only North American style university in the region


60% of our professors are from USA, Canada and other countries

tight community

650 students who study together forge life lasting friendships

Opportunity to choose

Liberal arts

We emphasize eight core competencies: critical thinking, conflict transformation, multicultural perspective, effective communication, Christian worldview, servant leadership, multidisciplinary knowledge and community building. Our definition of liberal arts education takes into account quantitative diversity of course work, but further emphasizes the importance of student self-transformation.

Erasmus & international exchange

Come study at LCC where you will be in an environment with students from over 50 countries. Erasmus and International Exchange opportunities are open to everyone.  

Opportunity to continue studies at another university

The LCC study program is recognized by most foreign education institutions, so if you change your mind and decide to study elsewhere, you will be able to easily transfer your credits to a new university.

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Housing in Residence Halls

LCC is the only university in Eastern Europe that has a full campus with two modern on-site residence halls.

They provide housing for 60% of our students. With the whole world under one roof, it is one of the most valuable experiences that will open your perception of the world and a variety of cultures.

Depending on the size of the room you select, the price can vary from 87.5 EUR per month to 125 EUR per month.

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Active student community

Clubs and communities

An active student community allows each student to discover activities that interest them. At the same time, new initiatives and new clubs appear every year. Student council helps everyone to discover opportunities for self-expression, creativity, social activities.

Student achievements

Participation in international conferences, competitions, Klaipeda city activities, TEDx Klaipeda vortex - LCC students enjoy a variety of accomplishments.

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Student clubs

LCC has men's and women's basketball and football teams, active student life

Over 100 community events

“Learn in a cross-cultural environment”

“The quality of mentorship I received from my professors and various volunteer experiences had allowed me to learn and grow as an individual in a cross-cultural environment. I was able to cultivate skills necessary for professional and personal development, which motivated me to continue my studies abroad and fostered my growing interest in neuroscience research.”  

a photo of person or place for the testimony

Ieva Gembutaitė
Country of Origin: Lithuania
Based in the Netherlands
Psychology Graduate, 2017

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Student friendly admission process

Academic year begins early in September and all online applications should be submitted no later than June 30. Students are encouraged to apply early as this allows applicants to get their acceptance early as well as have more scholarship and need-based aid opportunities. It takes only up to 2 weeks to get the final admission decision! Candidates planning to start their studies later in January should apply before November 15.     

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Gather School Grades

Gather a preliminary list of expected grades from your school and send us final results after you finish school.   

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We accept TOEFL/IELTS/CPE/CAE exams. This year we also accept DUOLINGO test results.

Attend an Online Interview

After we process your application we will schedule a online video call interview.

Get Results Within 2 Weeks

We will stay in touch and send results to the email provided in the application form.   

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