LCC International University ONLINE SUMMER PROGRAM

This three-week online Intercultural Communication course will explore themes of worldview, language, and communication between people of different cultures and sub-cultures.

You'll make connections with experts in various disciplines and learn how to increase your cultural intelligence while becoming a more effective communicator in our globalized world.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive 3 US (6 ECTS) credits from LCC International University.


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3-week Academic Term

Has COVID limited your ability to study abroad? Do you have a desire to learn about new and interesting cultures? You can still have a life-changing, memorable experience with our online summer program - without ever having to get on a plane!   

Intercultural Communication

LCC International University boasts a student body of over fifty different countries. Intercultural communication isn’t a field we study in theory only – we live it every day! Join our online Intercultural Communication course, explore principles and challenges of communication between people of different cultures and apply course material to your own personal and professional interactions.  

Network with industry leaders

LCC is a hub of intercultural life and our faculty come with diverse, multicultural experiences in their fields. Over the course of 3 weeks, you’ll make connections with experts in various disciplines and learn how to increase your cultural intelligence while becoming a more effective communicator in our increasingly globalized world.   


Study in an international English speaking community


Network with industry leaders from all over the world

Personalized learning

Small classroom setting with easy access to instructors

Academic credit

Earn 3 US (6 ECTS) credits in intercultural communication

LCC International University is a Liberal Arts University in Klaipeda, Lithuania

With in-person and online study programs and students from different countries, cultures and perspectives, we aim to create a unique immersive student experience.

LCC embraces the North American education style and fosters critical thinking, conflict transformation, multicultural perspective, effective communication, Christian worldview, servant leadership, multidisciplinary knowledge and community building.  

Additional details on the course

  • Reflect on the value of understanding and respecting different cultural perspectives than your own
  • Cultivate practices of intellectual humility and open-mindedness that are needed for civil and constructive dialogue
  • Explain how different worldviews shape cultural values and norms
  • Identify ethical communication practices within contemporary global contexts
  • Describe and defend their personal perspectives on global citizenship
  • Research and report on a social, political, or environmental challenge that requires global cooperation
  • Discussions
  • Presentations
  • Short readings
  • Writing
  • Reflections (video/written)
  • Worldview, Culture, and Language
  • Cultural Dimensions and Cultural Intelligence
  • Intercultural Communication in Business and International Marketing
  • Intercultural Communication in Politics, NGOs, and Education

Students will receive an official transcript from LCC confirming their grade and number of credits earned for the course. Students will be responsible for consulting with their home school’s registrar’s regarding credit transfer and for submitting the official transcript to their home school registrar’s office.


  • Register by April 20 to get front seats in the course!  
Time & dates
  • May 24 - June 11, 2021
  • 10:00am -12:00pm (EST time)
  • 5 days a week, 3 weeks

Cost of the program – $600 USD  


The program is delivered online. Students who register will receive a unique link to the course and other instructions.

English requirement

English proficiency level B2 (upper intermediate).  



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