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LCC International University is launching a new certificate program for high school students. It aims to provide students with an authentic experience of liberal arts university lectures, discussions, and group work online and completely free of charge.  


  • Broaden your worldview
  • Build your English vocabulary
  • Develop communication skills
  • Enhance your critical thinking

Students, who complete the program, will get an additional point to their LCC admissions score if they decide to apply for BA studies.


February 10 John Milliken, PhD What is Freedom? Do You Have It?
February 17 Shane Crombie Too Much Information? How Communication Makes Us; and Breaks Us
February 23 Andrew Jones Persuasion! Seeking and Resisting Compliance
March 3 Joe Harder A Theology of Film: Finding God in The Lord of the Rings
March 9 Eglė Verseckaitė-Grzeskowiak, PhD Facts and Myths about International Migration
March 17 Sarah Snodgrass Battling Against Human-Trafficking: How to Actually Help (not hurt) Communities at Risk
March 24 Terese Cox Managing Change and Transitions
March 31 Scott Nuemann Introduction to International Relations: How to Make Sense Out of International Events

Learning paths

Sign up for a certificate program

Active students who will take part in at least 4 lectures and contribute to online discussions and tasks will be awarded with a certificate of participation and an additional point to their LCC admissions score if they decide to apply for BA studies at LCC. Space is limited, so make sure you secure your spot now!  

Listen in

  Students are free to join any lecture they’re interested in and participate in the discussions as they feel. Those listening in are not obliged to do any additional work, but are also not provided with a certificate and the additional point.    


LCC International University is a North American style Liberal Arts University in Klaipeda, Lithuania, where students come from 50+ different countries, making student life at LCC a truly immersive experience of cultures, religions, ideas, and perspectives.  Over 60% of our faculty are international with a majority of them coming from North America.

Students who study at LCC forge life lasting friendships, enrich their worldview with invaluable cultural and social experiences while receiving education, not just a diploma.

At LCC we offer the following BA programs:

As well as the following MA programs:

Video about LCC
Full campus

On-site residence halls, cafeteria, gym and other facilities.

North American style

The only North American style university in Eastern Europe.

Personal touch

Small classes with an average 11:1 student to professor ratio means quality and individuality.

Liberal arts

Broad spectrum higher education to prepare yourself for the real world.

Housing in Residence Halls

LCC is the only university in Eastern Europe that has a full campus with two modern on-site residence halls.

They provide housing for 60% of our students. With the whole world under one roof, it is one of the most valuable experiences that will open your perception of the world and a variety of cultures.

Depending on the size of the room you select, the price can vary from 87.5 EUR per month to 125 EUR per month.

LCC response to Covid 19

This year students are offered a hybrid model of study, and are able to choose their study model to fit their current situation. Students can study in classrooms with classmates or stay in their home countries and study remotely. During the summer, all classrooms were prepared for safe teaching of students at the university and technologically fitted for the opportunity to broadcast lecture live.

LCC admissions process and the deadlines were not affected. We are looking forward to regular academic and student life soon! In the meantime we are trying to live in this situation and find the new normal pace.

To follow all the updates please visit our page.


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60% Lower tuition fees

 Than the European average  

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LCC offers numerous scholarships for freshmen and continuing students  

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Students receive financial aid    

LCC fullbright scholar profile photo
450,000 EUR

Given by LCC as financial aid annually   

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Affordable living

Living in Klaipėda is cheaper than in European capitals  

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7 out of 10

Applicants receive Need Based Aid    


 Academic year begins early in September and all online applications should be submitted no later than June 30. Students are encouraged to apply early as this allows applicants to get their acceptance early as well as have more scholarship and financial aid opportunities. It takes only up to 2 weeks to get the final admission decision! Candidates planning to start their studies later in January should apply before November 15.   

Take English Language Exam

You can take the TOEFL exam at LCC or any other certified center. 

*Since taking TOEFL or IELTS is complicated these days, LCC also accepts Duolingo test scores.


Gather School Grades

Gather a preliminary list of expected grades from your school and send us final results after you finish school.   

Submit Online Application

  Submit online application.    

Attend an Online Interview

After we process your application we will schedule an interview in an online format.

Get Results Within 2 Weeks

We will stay in touch and send results to the email provided in the application form.    

Apply to LCC

Made up your mind? Click on apply now and fill out the application form!  

LCC Webinar Series

Recently we hosted live webinar series featuring different topics and answering students questions. You can watch the recorded sessions below!

Meet our President Dr. Marlene Wall and our VP for Academics Dr. JD Mininger and learn about why the LCC educational model is so unique. Learn more about liberal arts education, what majors we offer, and what possible career opportunities there could be for you after graduation

What is it like living with students from multiple countries? What do students do in their free time? Why Student Life matters?

Learn more about available scholarships, need-based aid, loans for work in the USA as well as tips for how to plan your monthly budget

English language requirement and LCC’s language preparation programs. Learn more about PRIME (Prerequisite Intensive Module in English).

Already admitted to LCC?  Learn of the next steps, deadlines for all the documents, preparation for the Fall

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