Study at a North-American Style University

A Place Where Everyone Truly Wants You to Succeed

Dream of studying in an international environment with experienced, friendly, and motivating professors? Want an education and not just a diploma? Become a student at LCC International University in Klaipėda, Lithuania, where broad-spectrum studies and unique student experience await.

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Life in Klaipėda

Nature & sea

Dunes, sea, and pine forests...Living on the LCC campus, you'll get there in 10 minutes! 

Life is exciting and always full of nature in Klaipėda! Cycle to the most famous Lithuanian seaside resorts, learn to kite or surf, greet the morning sun on the beach with a cup of hot coffee or enjoy peaceful walks in pine forests.

Nightlife for everyone

Combine your studies and leisure! Have fun in Klaipėda's old town that's within walking distance from the LCC campus.

You'll find a variety of exciting nightlife spots in Klaipėda. Party till dawn in rock bars and clubs, relax at the industrial Berlin-inspired Hofas courtyard, and welcome the rising sun dancing on the seaside terraces.

Inspiring Events

From conferences, theater plays, and concerts to exhibitions, fashion fairs, and more, you'll find a multitude of daily events in Klaipėda.

Here you'll have the perfect chance to meet interesting people, find inspiration and maybe even start your future career?


Life in LCC

A truly international university

LCC international university is a unique North American-style university in Klaipėda with students from over 50 countries. Over 70% of our teachers are from the USA, Canada, and other foreign countries. We conduct all of our studies in English.

Our international spirit is reflected in our study programs, teaching style, and our student's social activities.

LCC's multicultural environment enables our students to get to know different cultures, religions, expand their worldviews, and forge life-long friendships in our campus dormitories.

What is Artes Liberales?

Most universities prepare their students to specialize in one field only. 

At LCC, each student chooses their major and gets a bachelor's degree. However, besides those specific skills and knowledge, they also develop a broader spectrum of knowledge and skills that provide an advantage in their future.

Based on the artes liberales study model, the students develop eight main competencies: critical thinking, conflict management, global thinking, effective communication, Christian worldview, servitude in leadership, multi-discipline education, and a sense of community.

Artes liberales study model helps shape an open worldview and emphasizes the importance of forming your own personality. 

A motivating environment

At LCC, student-teacher relationships are always friendly, and the communication is genuine. We believe that student development happens through community and close ties, and we devote special care and attention to that.

Our small-group classes with an 11 to 1 student-teacher ratio lead to high quality and foster an individual approach.


Life after studies

What do LCC graduates do?

LCC has over 2000 graduates. What do they do? Here are a few numbers.

  • 84% of LCC graduates get a job in the first year after graduation 
  • 93% recommend studies at LCC 
  • 34% have leadership positions in companies or their departments 

Career prospects in Klaipėda

The tech field in Klaipeda is growing rapidly, and such projects as the construction of the startup park "Tech Zity "are being actively developed. These projects attract new startups and create hundreds of new jobs and business opportunities in the city.

International companies are also always looking for new talents in all Lithuanian cities, including Klaipėda.


"LCC has opened doors for me to work and learn internationally. Besides the English language skills and academic knowledge, LCC has given me great exposure to multiculturalism and diversity. It served me extremely well in London, one of the most multicultural cities in the world. 

With my LCC background, I have been able to pursue my career in London and continue studying at the Oxford College of Marketing."   

- Virginija Jakavičiūtė, International Business Administration Graduate

Life and study where it feels good

At LCC international university, you'll not only have high-quality studies but also a safe international environment for self-discovery.

Interested? Find out more about the majors, review process, scholarships, and more. Download the LCC brochure now.