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  • April 20th for most non-EU countries
  • August 15th for EU countries

There are exceptions to consider, so don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our admissions specialists for specific details related to your country. We're here to help!


Why Choose LCC?

Choose LCC for an education that’s about more than just a degree—it’s about shaping your future. Secure your place today and move forward with assurance.

Full campus

On-site residence halls, cafeteria, gym and other facilities

North American style

The only North American style university in Eastern Europe

Personal touch

Small classes with an average 11:1 student to professor ratio means quality and individuality

Liberal arts

Broad spectrum higher education to prepare yourself for the real world

Diverse BA Programs Awaiting You

  • BA International Business Administration
    The Bachelor of Arts in International Business Administration program prepares students to address the complex nature of business in an international environment. Graduates of this program have the skills to face the quickly changing European and global economies, especially as the Eastern European region seeks greater integration and relationships with global partners. 

  • BA Contemporary Communication
    The Contemporary Communication program prepares students for careers in the fields of public relations, advertising, social media, government, media production, business communication, NGOs, and is excellent preparation for graduate studies in many fields.
  • BA English Language & Literature
    Career opportunities abound for English majors! Our graduates are working internationally in a wide variety of fields including education, translation, human resources, marketing, design, and administration. In addition, English majors are highly qualified for graduate school. Employers are eager to hire our English graduates because of their highly-developed, creative skills in cross cultural communication.

  • BA International Relations and Development
    This degree prepares you for a career in international relations – either in government service, or in non-governmental organizations, particularly development-oriented NGOs. The program focuses on the research skills necessary in the study of international relations and development as well as the practical skills needed in these fields.
  • BA Psychology
    Your psychology degree is designed to prepare you to pursue careers in a variety of human service-related and health fields or to continue your education in clinical or research psychology programs. 

  • BA Theology
    A major in theology prepares students to make thoughtful and skillful contributions to the cause of Christ within and beyond the local Church. Courses in Biblical studies, theology and philosophy provide depth and background while those in Christian life and ministry prepare students for spiritual leadership. Graduates often also take positions in education, business and the many roles in which religious values offer a strong foundation for success.


Academic year begins early in September and all online applications should be submitted no later than August 15. Students are encouraged to apply early as this allows applicants to get their acceptance early as well as have more scholarship and financial aid opportunities. It takes only up to 2 weeks to get the final admission decision! Candidates planning to start their studies later in January should apply before November 15.   

Take English Language Exam

You can take the TOEFL exam at LCC or any other certified center. 

*Since taking TOEFL or IELTS is complicated these days, LCC also accepts Duolingo test scores.


Gather School Grades

Gather a preliminary list of expected grades from your school and send us final results after you finish school.   

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In case you haven't taken an English language proficiency test or don't have a high school diploma yet, don't worry! You will be able to send that information to us later.

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