SHRM BOOTCAMP: The Evolving Human Resource Professional

Reach your HR career goals with a comprehensive learning experience

Gain a deep understanding of all the competencies necessary to excel in your HR role and advance in your career, increase job performance, and make a positive impact on your organization.

Transform Your HR Role and Create Better Workplaces

As technology advances, traditional HR duties like policy development and administration are evolving. Today's HR professionals play a strategic role in managing the workforce and impacting ROI. Creating a positive workplace culture through employee engagement is crucial to attract top talent. HR professionals are well-positioned to identify, establish, and maintain workplace culture. The once uncomfortable conversations with HR have become productive meetings with advocates. These changes will continue to evolve rapidly in the future.

By completing this comprehensive program, participants will have the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in their HR roles and contribute to creating better workplaces.  

In-person classes

in LCC International University’s academic environment


The interactive nature of the program enables participants to network with other HR professionals and share best practices

Improve your ability

to identify, establish, and maintain workplace culture through employee engagement

Stay updated

on the evolving trends and best practices in HR

Topics Covered

 In the SHRM Bootcamp, we cover essential HR topics to help participants become competent HR professionals. The topics include:  

Participants will work with topics like organizational strategy and culture, connection to mission, vision, values, business goals, and objectives; legal and regulatory environment; confidentiality and privacy rules that apply to employee records, company data, and individual data. Participants will look at business functions (for example: accounting, finance, operations, sales, marketing), HR administration, policies, and procedures (for example: personnel management, progressive discipline), HR Metrics (for example: cost per hire, time to recruit, turnover rate).  

During the Bootcamp participants will cover applicable laws and regulations related to recruitment and selection (for example: work authorization, job requisition, job postings); applicant databases; recruitment sources (for example: employee referral, social networking/social media, company website) and methods (for example: advertising, job fairs, university); alternative staffing practices (for example: recruitment process outsourcing, job sharing, remote workers); interviewing techniques (for example: structured, non-structured, behavioral, situational, panel); pre- and post-offer activities (for example: background checks, medical exams); orientation and onboarding (for example: logistics, introducing culture, facilitating/training).  

Training on compensation and benefits, such as monetary and non-monetary entitlement, wage and hour, and privacy (for example: tax treatment); pay structures and programs (for example: variable, merit, bonus, incentives, non-cash compensation, pay scales/grades); total rewards; benefit programs (for example: health care plans, flexible benefits, pension scheme, health, and fitness programs); payroll terminology (for example: pay schedule, vacation, leave, paid time off [PTO]); data collection for salary and benefits surveys; insurance claims, filing, or processing requirements (for example: workers’ compensation, disability benefits); work-life balance practices (for example: flexibility of hours, telecommuting, sabbatical).  

Participants will review applicable laws and regulations related to training and development activities (for example: acquiring and maintaining relevant credentials, qualified providers); training delivery format (for example: virtual, classroom, on-the-job); techniques to evaluate training programs (for example: participant surveys, pre- and post-testing, after action plan); career development practices (for example: succession planning, dual career ladders); performance appraisal methods (for example: timelines, ranking, rating scales); performance management practices (for example: setting goals, feedback, mentoring).  

Things like applicable laws affecting employment environments, labor relations, and privacy. Employee and employer rights and responsibilities (for example: privacy, substance abuse). Methods and processes for collecting employee feedback (for example: employee attitude surveys, focus groups, exit interviews). Workplace behavior issues (for example: absenteeism, aggressive behavior, employee conflict, workplace harassment). Methods for investigating complaints or grievances (for example: employee and employee, employee and manager, employee, and company). Progressive discipline (for example: verbal or written warnings, escalating corrective actions, termination). Off-boarding or termination activities (for example: exit interviews, handover process, end of service benefits, non-compete or non-solicitation). Employee relations programs (for example: recognition, special events, diversity programs).  

Our bootcamp includes

5 days

of in person training with a qualified professional

Case studies

Online live sessions

with international HR professionals

Led by experienced

instructor who is also certified HR professional

Both international

A combination of in person Bootcamp and virtual sessions afterwards


could be possible at LCC dorms

Total length

In-person Bootcamp is 5 days, followed by 5 weeks of virtual training

Those who want to get the SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) certification

  • Easily purchase the SHRP-CP certification prep course and the exam seat at the same time.
  • Four virtual sessions in November (once a week) designed to prepare HR professionals for the SHRM-CP certification exam
  • Purchasing the SHRM-CP material gives a person 18 months access to the online learning system 
Enhance your knowledge

and skills in human resource management


for the SHRM-CP certification exams (optional)

Elevate Your HR Career with SHRM-CP Certification

The SHRM-CP certification offers invaluable benefits to HR professionals worldwide. As a trusted and established organization, SHRM-CP equips professionals with the comprehensive knowledge and tools needed to excel in their careers, transform their organizations, and create better workplaces for employers and employees alike.

The certification process covers both technical and behavioral competencies. Technical competencies are specific to the HR field and include talent management, recruiting, compensation and benefits, among others. The SHRM-CP competency model provides a globally recognized standard for these technical competencies.

Behavioral competencies, on the other hand, are more general and focus on developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to facilitate job-related behaviors. These competencies are vital for effective communication, problem-solving, and decision-making in any workplace.

Through SHRM-CP training, participants gain a deep understanding of all the competencies necessary to excel in their HR roles, no matter where they are located. With SHRM certification, HR professionals can advance their careers, increase their job performance, and make a positive impact on their organizations.    

“Ready to take your learning to the next level?”

„ While books, movies, and training are great, nothing beats learning from real-world colleagues, clients, and networks. With this program, you'll get the best of both worlds - a comprehensive learning experience that combines theory with real-life application.“   

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Auksė Žukauskienė
EY Baltics Workforce Advisory Services Practice Lead

Course instructor

Dr. Gary Stroud is an innovative thinker and influential leader who takes a methodical approach to problems and organizational vision and has the ability to inspire followers. He is committed to continuous improvement in organizational effectiveness and human capital development, customer service, and the development of future leaders. Gary is a successful business leader with expertise in human capital development and talent management; compensation and benefits; leadership, team and organizational development; employee and customer experience; building high-performance cultures; custom assessments, executive coaching, and succession planning; employee engagement; employee health and wellness; and leading complex change initiatives.  Gary is an executive leadership advisor, coach, and consultant to CEOs, CHROs, COOs, CFOs, CTOs, executive teams, business owners, and boards of directors. He has a record of significantly improving employee engagement, morale, satisfaction, productivity, and retention while creating a unique high-performance culture.

 "The best HR certification is the one that sets you apart from the crowd. The SHRM Bootcamp and The Evolving Human Resource Professional will set you apart. In the bootcamp you will be guided through the HR concepts that make up the certification exam. You will come away a better HR practitioner and a smarter HR executive."  


Unwind, Refresh, and Improve

Escape to Klaipeda for 5 days of professional growth, beachside inspiration, and networking with like-minded individuals!    

Program Flexibility

Flexible pricing options to meet Your needs: join the SHRM Bootcamp and access all the content, even if You're not pursuing SHRM Certification!    

Maximizing Your Learning Potential:

Going above and beyond: experience more value with extended course length after the SHRM Bootcamp!    

Important details


  • Bootcamp in person: Monday, June 19 through Friday, June 23 

  • Online sessions after the bootcamp: Monday, June 26 through Friday, July 28 - once a week. The day and evening time will be determined by the group together.

  • When registering for the SHRM exam, additional online sessions in November, once a week.


1,200* EUR for the Bootcamp 980 EUR
+700 EUR SHRM study material (optional)
+300 EUR SHRM exam voucher (optional)
*coffee breaks and celebratory dinner during Bootcamp week included in the price


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