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From: North Macedonia

At LCC Since: 2023

Key Areas

  • Sustainability
  • Economics
  • Organizational Behavior


Joining the faculty in 2023, Sara Beniulis is an instructor in the business department. A graduate of LCC, she completed her master’s degree in business management at Klaipeda University in 2021. She is running a local social business which sells used goods while raising awareness about sustainability and social responsibility.  During her free time, she enjoys swimming and learning new languages.


Thrift stores as environmental solution: motivators of buyers and donors

LCC author(s): Sara Beniulis Indrė Razbadauskaitė-Venckė

Other author(s): Rafijevas S.

In Studijos – verslas – visuomenė: dabartis ir ateities įžvalgos: tarptautinės konferencijos mokslinių straipsnių rinkinys = Studies – business – society: present and future insights: international conference proceedings, 2023.