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LCC’s Institutional Review Board is implementing temporary changes to data collection policies due to COVID-19 social distancing protocols. The Institutional Review Boards’ role is to protect human participants, therefore we are temporarily restricting all human-to-human data collection methods in compliance with all national and international government restrictions due to COVID-19. This includes but is not limited to, in-person surveys, interviews, group discussions, and classroom observations. All data collection must be in compliance with the social-distancing regulations in the country in which you are collecting data. If you are currently collecting data, assisting a student with their research project or are reviewing students' pending research projects, please keep these new restrictions in mind and guide them appropriately. • If you are planning to submit a research project to the IRB, please know that if face-to-face interactions are listed, your project will not be approved at this time. • If data collection that has already been approved by the IRB for person-to-person you must change your methods to digital formats (phone, video, internet-based surveys, etc.). If these adjustments are minor (in person to video conferencing), you do not need to inform IRB of your changes. If the adjustments make major changes to your data collection process, please email and describe the changes to the process. Sincerely,  IRB Chair LCC International Univesity

All researchers – both from within LCC and guests from outside LCC – who wish to conduct research involving human participants and/or the use of animals, must receive approval for their project from the LCC Institutional Research Board (IRB), prior to any data collection. 


The applicant must submit a Research Approval Request Form, as well as supplementary materials such as instruments, informed consent forms, permission to collect data forms, etc., via email. The Research Approval Request Form may be requested from the same email address.

The application is reviewed by members of the IRB committee, and final decisions are made and communicated by the IRB chair. If the request is denied, the applicant may revise the request and resubmit.

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Application forms

Send completed forms to if you have any related questions direct them to the same email.