Program Structure

Your psychology degree is designed to prepare you to pursue careers in a variety of human service-related and health fields or to continue your education in clinical or research psychology programs. 

Year 1
  • Learn communication skills and why we communicate with others the way that we do
  • Indulge your curiosity in why people act the way that they do
  • Become familiar with major personal and social psychological theories
Year 2
  • Develop basic research skills
  • Gain insight into relationships such as marriage and family
  • Learn about psychology-related careers through practicum site visits
Year 3
  • Learn how our minds think, and process information, and make decisions
  • Gain skills in counseling
  • Learn about emotions and what motivates people
Year 4
  • Conduct independent research on a topic of your choice
  • Gain practical experience through work-placements and internship programs
Fall Semester

September - December

Spring Semester

January - May

Summer Session

May - July

“Learn in a cross-cultural environment”

“The quality of mentorship I received from my professors and various volunteer experiences had allowed me to learn and grow as an individual in a cross-cultural environment. I was able to cultivate skills necessary for professional and personal development, which motivated me to continue my studies abroad and fostered my growing interest in neuroscience research.”

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Ieva Gembutaitė
Country of Origin: Lithuania
Based in Netherlands

Psychology Graduate, 2017

Alumni work at:

Faculty Members


The Career Development Center (CDC) works to help you succeed even before you get your Bachelor’s degree. You will learn to become everything employers are looking for from writing a job-winning resume to discovering your real talents and strengths.

CDC works with a number of companies and organisations to locate jobs or internships for students. Summer work opportunities include work and travel experiences in the USA and Western Europe.

Exchange programs

Experience the world through exciting opportunities that LCC International University has to offer.

Read about exchange programs >

Partner universities


Destination countries

Moving to Klaipėda

City by the Sea

Klaipėda is the third largest city in Lithuania, located on the Baltic Sea. It is a thriving cultural and business hub of the region that turns into a resort for the summer season.

Enjoy local culture

With over 80% of youth and many older people speaking English, you will have no difficulties finding your way around town and enjoying local culture.

Explore Europe

Lithuania is a member of the EU and Shengen Agreement, which means you will be able to explore neighboring countries and Central Europe without any borders.  


We are the only university in Lithuania and Eastern Europe that has a full campus - a gym, sports center for football and basketball teams, modern classrooms designed for small study groups, cafeteria and work zones - all within walking distance from old town and pristine pine forests by the Baltic Sea.

Open campus map > Arrange a visit >


Two modern on-campus residence halls provide housing for almost 60% of our students starting at € 270 per semester. 

Student rooms

Are shared by up to 5 residents grouped by age and gender. Each resident has a bed, desk, closet space and Wi-Fi access. Bathroom and kitchen areas are shared.     

You will also have access to:
  • Study rooms
  • Computer lab
  • Game rooms
  • Chapel/prayer room
Read about housing >


LCC fullbright scholar profile photo

On-site residence halls, cafeteria, gym and other facilities.

LCC fullbright scholar profile photo
Transport Hub

Trains, buses, airplanes and ferries to explore the region and nearby countries.

LCC fullbright scholar profile photo

Campus walking distance from the heart of Klaipėda.

LCC fullbright scholar profile photo
Safe AND Affordable

Low pollution and crime index and affordable consumer prices compared to other cities.

LCC fullbright scholar profile photo

Small classes and co-living experience forge friendships that last a lifetime.

LCC fullbright scholar profile photo

Sand dunes, sea, and pine forest trails. All ten minutes away from campus.

Admission criteria

50% - Math, History, Native & English language grades from the last three years of highschool

20% - English proficiency test certificate  

30% - Interview at LCC (online or on-site)

English certificate
Min. score
PTE General Test LEVEL 4
DUOLINGO (additional LCC essay required) 100
You don’t need a certificate if:

· You are a citizen of Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada, the U.S. or New Zealand
· You attended a university for at least two years in any of the above mentioned countries
·  You attended a FLEX School program or an International Baccalaureate School

English score below requirements?

Take a semester of Intensive English to improve your academic English language skills and prepare for studies at LCC.

Application Process

Program starts early September, and all online applications should be submitted by June 30. Candidates planning to start the program later in January can read about late application deadlines.

You can take the TOEFL test on-site at LCC for 60 EUR; you can submit the test application form here.

Take English Language Exam

You can take the TOEFL exam at LCC or any other certified center.

Gather School Grades

Gather a preliminary list of expected grades from your school and send us final results after you finish school.

Submit Online Application

Submit online application.

Attend an Online Interview

After we process your application we will schedule an interview. If you live nearby or would like to visit LCC we can schedule a live interview. Otherwise, an online video call will be sufficient.

Get Results Within 2 Weeks

We will stay in touch and send results to the email provided in the application form.

Tuition fees

3,240 EUR FOR 2021/2022 ACADEMIC YEAR

Tuition fees are split into three payments and paid each semester.
These are the deadlines for the first semester:
June 15 – Tuition deposit (€300.00)
July 15 – Tuition deposit for EU applicants (€300.00)
August 20 – Full tuition payment for the semester 

Difficult to pay for your semester in full?

You can divide your semester tuition fee into three equal parts. Please submit the Payment Schedule Registration Form no later than August 1.

371,161 EUR

Given as financial aid


Of students receive financial aid

Financial aid

We want to make it possible for you to study at our university. Each year we offer financial grants and scholarships to our students that we recommend for you to consider.

Need-Based Grant

Each year we offer financial grants to students with strong academic records and demonstrated need.

We take into consideration the following factors:
- Your family's total income and savings
- Your family's total expenses per year
- Your Admissions entry score

All applications must be submitted by June 30. We recommend to submit the Grant Application Form as early as possible.

Download Grant Application Form
8 out of 10

Students receive a grant

Grants Cover

10-90% of your tuition fees

Scholarships & other grants

We will send you a list of scholarships you are eligible for along with your university application results.

You can apply for the Need-Based Grant and still be eligible for a Scholarship, however Grants and Scholarships can't be used together. The one that provides the most benefit for you is selected.


Scholarships for 1st year and continuing students


LCC Scholarships can cover up to 100% of your tuition

Servant Leadership Grant

This grant is awarded to students who exemplify servant leadership and promote involvement in their local communities or LCC. The grant focuses on students who demonstrate care and focus on the needs of others and do so in a self-aware, fair and selfless manner. Two students receive a 50% of tuition discount during the student’s second year of studies.

Social Impact and Peace Grant

The Social Impact and Peace Grant is intended for second- or third-year students who are standing up for a positive social change. The award amount is a 50% tuition discount for one year for two students. The grant will provide support to students, who have a demonstrated interest in social justice and advocacy, as well as a demonstrated commitment of care and compassion toward others.


Other funding options

State-supported bank loans

EU citizens can apply for state-supported bank loans to cover their tuition fees.

If you have received partial financial aid from LCC you can still apply for a loan to cover the rest of your cost.
Loan amount is flexible and you can apply for different amounts each year.

You will start repaying the loan a year after your graduation and will have to repay it in full within 15 years.

Read more on goverment page >

State stipend

EU-candidates are eligible to receive funding for their first BA Program from the Lithuanian Government. 

To receive state funding you must submit an application through the LAMA BPO platform. State stipends don't match our tuition fees, but LCC will cover the difference between state stipend and tuition fees.

Candidates from outside Lithuania must verify their academic certificates - please contact our Admissions Team for assistance. 

Open LAMA BPO application platform >

Financial Planning

Get an accurate budget

To learn more about cost of living in Klaipėda and find all possible financial resources such as on-campus employment options, summer jobs and many other opportunities please visit our Tuition Fees & Aid page. 

Read about Tuition Fees & Aid >
67.5 EUR

Minimum monthly housing costs at LCC

190 Eur

Minimum monthly budget without housing expenses

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