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Idlir Proseku: “I am always here to help the students to succeed”


Idlir Proseku is an Assistant Professor in the Business Department at LCC International University. Originally, he comes all the way from Albania, but in his teenage years, he took a chance and moved to start building a life in the United States. Shortly after graduating there, he went back to Albania and worked in various sectors in his homeland for a few years, eventually finding himself in settling in Canada, where he has been living and working for eight years now.

From a young age, Idlir Proseku was interested in life on the other side of the world, and the United States felt like a great opportunity. Leaving his family and friends in Albania, he moved to study and live in the United States. “Back in the day, a lot of people wanted to go and see what it is like in the United States. Fortunately enough, I had the opportunity and I took it,” says Idlir. After high school, he continued his journey in the world of academia and pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, later acquiring an MBA and enrolling into a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership program at Regent University.

Even though he grew up watching American movies, the idea of the United States was different from what he had envisioned. The time he spent in Indiana, he was surrounded with farm land with no sign of skyscrapers or people in suits like he had thought. “The farm life was different from the city life that I have seen in the movies,” he commented, “but I don’t regret living there at all. It gave me a sense of responsibility and was a great environment.”

After coming back to Albania, Idlir started working as an Economic Development Manager for World Vision International, an Evangelical Christian Organization focused on humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy. Feeling the need to build his career, he followed that by working for various non-governmental organizations, the government, and exploring both private and public industries. “Generally, the workflow in an NGO is a bit slow, but faster in private industry. I enjoyed both. It has been a great, valuable experience,” said the professor.

Idlir Proseku has quite extensive teaching experience, teaching Accounting at Purdue University, and Marketing Research at the University of New York Tirana. Last summer, he became a member of the LCC community, after learning about our liberal arts education institution. During his studies at Regent University in the United States, he became interested in LCC from hearing a colleague, Dr. Jeff Suderman, speak of it. Eventually, Idlir got in touch with the Director of the MA International Management program at LCC, Scott Stewart and soon enough he became a Professor at LCC. Currently, he is teaching Research Studies and Research Methods, as online classes. “I enjoy teaching online. It is very flexible and a great experience. I like engaging with the students even if it’s online.” As a relatively new professor at LCC, when asked what people should know about him, he said, “I am always available to talk to the students, open to learn from them, and generally, I am approachable as a professor and always here to help the students succeed.” Although Idlir Proseku only has only had a chance to teach online, he hopes to pay a visit to LCC International University and Lithuania.

The professor also emphasized the importance of the Liberal Arts education. “This education model equips students with the thinking point of view and the technical skills to solve problems.” Being in the Business department, he always encourages his students to learn as much as they can. “I worked in Marketing Research and being able to transfer that learning from the market to the teaching classroom is very valuable and has many positive effects.” said Professor Proseku.

Apart from his work, he enjoys a good cup of coffee, pre-pandemic social interactions, and a lot of exercising. Idlir emphasizes that it is important to take care of our mental health and also keep a daily routine, remembering what is important to us. 

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