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LCC Academy

Series of free online seminars and lectures for high school students | 2022

Practice makes perfect

Are you considering studies abroad in a world-class English-speaking university? Not sure if you are ready or what it is going to be like? LCC Academy will help you answer those questions!

Opportunity for young people

LCC is proud to present our non-degree program for high school students and young people from around the world. It aims to provide students with an authentic experience of liberal arts university lectures, discussions, and group work online and completely free of charge.  

Challenging topics

This Fall, LCC Academy will offer a "taste" of various LCC majors. Our lecturers will provide insights on navigating a person's life from psychological, spiritual, and economic perspectives and how to be a global citizen who understands how to use and interpret social media messages. 

Weekly online lectures will be followed by online discussion groups. You will be able to discuss and debate the topics and collaborate with peers from around the world.   

Broaden your worldview

Build your english vocabulary

Develop communication skills

Enhance your critical thinking

Learning paths

Sign up for a certificate program

Active students who will take part in at least 4 lectures and contribute to online discussions and complete a final project will be awarded with a certificate of participation and an additional point to their Admissions score if they decide to apply for BA studies at LCC. Space is limited, so make sure you secure your spot now!

Audit the course

Students are free to join any lecture they’re interested in and participate in the discussions as they feel. Those auditing are not obliged to do any additional work, but are also not provided with a certificate and the additional point.  



  • For the certificate program - by November 14th
  • To audit a lecture - a day before each lecture
Time & dates
  • November 15 - November 24, 2022  
  • 3 lectures per week
  • 17:00-18:30 (Vilnius time)
  • Full schedule below

The program is delivered online. Students who register will receive a unique link to the course and other instructions.

English requirement

English proficiency level B2 (upper intermediate) desirable, but not required.

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November 15 Dr. Michael Cox What is Human? And How Can University Help You Become a Better One?
November 16 Dr. Shane Crombie How to Navigate Your Life Online
November 17 Henrika Ruginė Bioeconomy - our Possibilities for Future
November 22 Jurgita Babarskienė Interpersonal Relationships - Do's and Dont's
November 23 Dr. Lisa Gibson How to Advocate for Social Change
November 24 Michael McDougle How Culture Impacts our Writing

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