Other Financing Options

On Campus Employment (EU students only)

LCC students are encouraged to work on campus. LCC currently employs around 50 students on campus in various areas. Jobs range from computer lab assistants to office administrators. Jobs are available for both Lithuanian and non-Lithuanian speakers. For more information on campus job opportunities contact the Career Development Center at LCC.

Off Campus Employment (EU students only)

The LCC Career Development Center works with a number of companies and organizations to locate jobs for students. Summer work opportunities can also include work/travel experience in the USA and Western Europe. For more information on off campus employment opportunities contact the Career Development Center at LCC.

Lithuanian Tax Refund (LT students only)

Lithuanian citizens can apply for a tax refund based on the amount they pay for their university education. This is a great benefit to reimburse part of the tuition fees paid. For more information please visit the State Tax Inspectorate page.

Lithuanian Government Loans (LT students only)

You are able to apply for loans for living expenses from the government while you study at LCC. The government makes these funds available to you through our Student Financial Services office. During the 2017–2018 academic year the average loan was €2,692.00. These loans are repayable one year after you finish your studies at LCC, and interest only begins to accrue when you start paying. For more information, visit the State Studies Foundation page.

Bank Loans (LT students only)

More and more banks are offering loans for university education. LCC students have successfully applied for loans from several Lithuanian banks.

Outside Scholarships and Resources

Scholarships and Fellowships


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