Need Based Grants

Apply for the Need Based Aid

  1. Fill out the application. Don’t forget to sign the application: both you and your parents or spouse need to sign it.
  2. Submit the required documents:
    • Income declaration form (for Lithuanians only)
    • Yearly salary letter (according to the situation: both parents and/or yours and spouse)
    • Other documents if needed (for more information please refer to the Need Based Aid Application)
  3. After filling out the application and collecting all the needed documents, send the package to the Student Financial Services Office by the required deadline.

  1. Need Based Aid application is submitted every year. If you are returning student you must complete the application by November 15, 2019. Late applications cannot be accepted.


Each year students must reapply for financial aid by submitting a Need Based Aid application. Aid may increase or decrease in individual cases depending on changes in a family’s financial circumstances. The most common reasons for award revisions are family financial problems such as loss of income or emergency expenses, and a shortfall in student summer savings. The Need Based Aid ranges from 10% of tuition up to 90% of tuition. The maximum amount of financial aid a student can receive has predefined limits based on university year:

  • Freshman – maximum financial aid a student can receive is 90% of tuition.
  • Sophomore – maximum financial aid a student can receive is 80% of tuition.
  • Junior – maximum financial aid a student can receive is 70% of tuition.
  • Senior – maximum financial aid a student can receive is 60% of tuition

SFS selects Need Based Aid recipients according to the following criteria:

  • Your financial need
  • Your academic results