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About migration services

LCC Migration Affairs Office exists to guide non-Lithuanian LCC students through the process of obtaining the documents required for legal residence in the Republic of Lithuania. Please note that our Office does not have direct control over the migration processes, nor can we affect the decisions of the Lithuanian Migration Department (an institution in charge of all migration-related issues in the Republic of Lithuania). But we are ready to advise when possible!

LCC Migration Affairs office does:
LCC Migration Affairs office does NOT:
Answer questions about National Visa D and TRP (Temporary Residence Permit) card; Issue National Visas or TRP cards;
Prepare documents for the application from LCC side; Have any impact on decisions made by Migration office;
Guide students through the process of application for Visa D or TRP card; Come up with the Migration regulations or rules;
Confirm documents
Visa D
Allows to study and stay legally in Lithuania Allows to study and stay legally in Lithuania
Does not allow to get employed in EU Does not allow to get employed in EU
Allows to travel in other SCHENGEN countries without an additional visa Allows to travel in other SCHENGEN countries without an additional visa
Can be issued for up to 12 months Can be issued up to 2 years
Does not allow to get employed in Lithuania Grants up to 20 hrs employment (40 hrs on summer)
Only issued once, no extension Extended every 2 years
May be granted after graduation

When travelling remember

  • SCHENGEN AREA IS the area where National Lithuanian visa D works as the Schengen visa
  • SCHENGEN AREA IS NOT the same as the European Union (EU). Additional visa is required for visiting EU country which is not part of Schengen area
  • Always travel with your international passport and a valid visa/TRP

Consequences of the violation

  • Persona non grata (person not wanted) in all Schengen countries for up to 5 years
  • A fine paid to the country where violation was performed
  • Not able to complete education at LCC

Application TRP

Students take sole responsibility in accurately preparing and timely submitting a full set of documents required for visa and temporary residence permit application purposes, in accordance with the requirements of the Lithuanian Migration Department. The failure to comply with the requirements by a set by the university deadline, will result in suspension of student‘s visa/ TRP application process, and automatic termination of student contract.

TRP Application process

Submit application

Submit your application for TRP card at Klaipeda’s Migration Office

Wait for TRP decision to be made

Decisions are made by Migration Department in Vilnius. It takes at least 3 months.

Collect your TRP

Collect your TRP card at Klaipeda’s Migration Office

Expenses related to TRP card

TRP application and printing cost 120€
Health insurance policy for 2 years 120€

Cancellation for Visa D or TRP

When you are suspended, dissmed, withdrawn or take academic leave, your migration document will be canceled in 7 days and you will have to leave Lithuania within that time. When you will be re-admitted or will be coming back from academic leave, you will need to apply for Visa D again at the Embassy at your home country.

For graduating students

Graduating students have an option to apply for another TRP card for another 12 months for the purpose of staying and looking for an employment in Lithuania. You will be able to do this on your own after you receive your diploma. Financial support document will be needed and your official living place will have to be officially declared in Lithuania.

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