Medical assistance & insurance

Lithuanian students

All full-time Lithuanian students are insured by the Lithuanian government. All you have to do is to choose a family doctor and register.  You may choose one of the clinics that LCC has a partnership with or you may choose any other state or private clinic in the town.

EU students

All EU students prior to coming to LCC need to obtain the European Health Insurance Card (or EHIC) which issued free of charge in your home country and allow you to receive medical treatment in another member state for free or at a reduced cost. It only covers healthcare which is normally covered by a statutory health care system in the visited country. More information about the EHIC is available here »

Non-EU Students

All non EU students that come to LCC need to obtain health insurance prior to the arrival. Insurance is coordinated through LCC which make sure that students are properly insured under a reliable and cost-effective insurance scheme. The duration of insurance is the same as the duration of the Temporary Residence Permit. It only covers medical expenses in Lithuania. If a student wishes to travel to another member state, one is advised to obtain additional (travel) insurance.

Your insurance covers medical expenses related to URGENT medical help, defined below:

  • Medical services, when students apply to the medical institution
  • Expenses for necessary medication, fixation and bandage substances, for the immediate transportation within the territory of Lithuania
  • Medical services, when mortifying the toothache and for urgent dental help (up to €150)
  • In the case of death or heavy condition of the patient insurance cover the expenses related to the transportation to one’s country (repatriation expenses).

Most medications and medical supplies can be purchased at local pharmacies, though preferred brands may not be available. If you are on prescription medication, it is advisable to bring a supply with you. Although first aid kits are available in all buildings, LCC does not have a supply of medications or a nurse on staff.

IMPORTANT: if you are on any form of long-term medication or have a health condition, it is imperative you inform LCC before your arrival.

Insured And Uninsured Events

Insured Events

Applying to medical care institution regarding:

- accidental injury

- unexpected  SUDDEN health disorder, the symptoms of which cause the threat to life or require the urgent medical aid

For example:

- if the Insured experiences high temperature and the symptoms of cold occur, the expenses of visit to the doctor and necessary medication are compensated for the Insured.

- if Insured breaks a leg, the visit to the doctor, setting the plaster and the control visit-consultation are covered.

- if the sudden pain in the stomach occurs, the visit to the doctor and the most necessary analysis needed for the first medical aid  are compensated. If the aid is needed at the stationary medical institution the further treatment would also be compensated (for example, the operation).

Uninsured Events
  1. Treatment and diagnostics of the diseases, started before the insurance contract became valid
  2. Oncological diseases
  3. Chronic diseases
  4. Pregnancy
  5. Pathological fractures
  6. Sexually transmitted diseases
  7. Plastic cosmetology surgeries
  8. Physiotherapy
  9. Intoxication with alcohol, drugs or chemical toxic substances

Where to find your insurance policy?

Your insurance policy is saved on the Public Student S Drive → Migration Office. You can access this drive through LCC student web portal. Each year/semester university will take care of the additional/new insurance policy. You are kindly advised you to print insurance policy and have it with you in case something happens.

How to use your insurance?

There are two ways:

  1. At the clinic or hospital, policy holder pays for the services provided (or medication obtained in the pharmacy) in cash, gets the receipt (proof of payment), submits it to the insurance company and receives the reimbursement either to bank account or in cash at the nearest post office. Bring the receipts to Student Life Office Manager as soon as possible so she can help you get the reimbursement.
  2. Health care institution where Policyholder applied to, directs the invoices straight to the insurance company and no cash is involved, services are provided free of charge.

Partner Clinics

You may choose any health care institution in the city, but LCC has a partnership agreement with a number of health care institutions that will not charge you to pay cash:

Private clinics

Medicinos centras LORNA
Reception tel. 310797
Naujoji Uosto g. 12a, LT-92119 Klaipėda
On even days 12:30-14:00

Reception tel. 410586
Hours I-V 9:00-19:00
S. Daukanto g. 22, Klaipėda

State Hospitals

For all Emergency instances (injury, traumas, severe stomach, head and other aches, etc.) please go straight to the hospital’s  Accident and Emergency *Admission” department. Different hospitals accept patients on different days of the week.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

Klaipeda University Hospital
Liepojos g 41. Bus 3, 9 and 15
Tel. (8-46) 396522

Tuesday, Saturday 

Klaipeda Republican (former Red Cross) Hospital
S. Neries g. 3.
Tel. (8-46) 410 695


Klaipeda Seamen’s Hospital Liepojos g. 45. Bus 3, 9 and 15
Tel. (8-46) 491019

General Help – 112

All questions related to medical assistance, hospitals and clinics, reimbursement for medical services, and use of insurance should be directed to the Student Life Office Manager – office 22 in DeFehr. Inga can help you to make doctor appointments, contact insurance company to clarify the policies, suggest clinics.