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As we approach the new academic year and as we plan for it, we must account for the following external factors.

  • Travel restrictions and border closing(s)
  • Social distancing laws and government-mandated health regulations 
  • Mandatory 14-day self-isolation requirement for certain countries 

In order to preserve our mission and remain flexible in our decision-making, adjusting to the current global crisis even when it requires us to change “the way we’ve always done it”. Our top priority in the Residence Halls is to ensure health and safety for all and we will put our best efforts to keep the LCC community safe, by following national protocol and best practices. 

Here are the decisions related to on-campus housing that have been made in order to accommodate an easy move-in and ensure the health and safety of our residents.  Please note that students that are in on-campus housing cannot study remotely. 

Housing deposit refund
  • Returning students that cannot arrive due to lack of flights or have medical concerns may choose to study remotely this semester, a non-refundable deposit of 60 EUR will be refunded in full if you withdraw from on-campus housing by July 29.  The housing deposit will not be refunded if the housing application is withdrawn after July 29, 2020. 
  • To withdraw from housing, visit and log in with your LCC username and password. Go to the Housing overview tab. Select the Academic Year tab. Then click “Cancel application & assignment” (If you have not been placed in a room yet, it will just say “Cancel application.”)  

on-campus self-isolation
  • On-campus self-isolation for returning students is not guaranteed. We have a very high demand and limited capacity. 
  • Returning students that are required to self-isolate may inquire about on-campus self-isolation after August 1 but it is subject to availability.
  • If your on-campus self-isolation is confirmed, move-in dates: August 5-10. If arriving after August 10, self-isolation must happen off-campus.  
  • Off-season housing fees apply (5 EUR/night).  
  • No on-campus self-isolation is offered for students on the wait-list.    

All information is subject to change based upon the updating of governmental regulations and the needs of the LCC community. However, if on July 29 travel or border policies will prevent students from traveling to Lithuania, we may cancel your housing reservation (and refund the deposit) in order to offer a space to a student who is on a waitlist and can arrive. 


Returning students that do not need to self-isolate can move in on August 29.  Early arrivals are subject to availability. 

If you intend to arrive on campus prior to August 29, please log into and complete the "Early Arrival Intent" form found there.   An Early Arrival Intent form must be completed 5 working days prior to your arrival date to be processed by the residence life staff. 

Wait until the Housing Coordinator confirms there is a space for you. 

Showing up with no advance notice before August 29 will result in either a 15 EUR fine or quite possible rejection of housing. 

Acceptance of your early arrival intent application is subject to available space in the dorms.  


  • Returning students that are on a housing wait-list will be contacted by the Housing Coordinator as bed-spaces open up.  Unfortunately, we won’t know until August if we have space. 
  • Wait-list students do not need to pay a housing deposit and/or housing fee until offered a space. If the bed becomes available, the Housing Coordinator will communicate with the students on the wait-list individually through their LCC email. The Housing Coordinator removes all students from the list who are no longer interested or do not respond by the indicated deadline. 
  • Opting out of housing after the housing application was submitted and deposit/housing fee was charged will result in the 60 EUR charge on the account. 
  • The wait-list takes into account the Priority Criteria first and later spaces are offered on a first-come-first-served basis
  • Housing cannot be guaranteed to wait-list students. Therefore, all students on the wait-list are encouraged to use the Off-Campus Living Guide to secure accommodations either prior to leaving campus in the spring or prior to classes in the fall by returning to campus early. Students moving in mid-year are offered a prorated rate. 


All payments must be done by bank transfers. No cash payments are accepted.  For more information on the bank transfers visit the Student Financial Services page

Housing fees per semester (effective August 1, 2020)

  • 6-person room  = 375 EUR (pandemic 4-person max 425 EUR)
  • 5-person room  = 425 EUR (pandemic 4-person max 425 EUR) 
  • 4-person room  = 475 EUR (pandemic 4-person max 425 EUR) 
  • 2-person room  = 525 EUR (pandemic not available)

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