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Spring occupancy ends 17:00 Monday, May 3, 2021.


Please note, Summer Occupancy is not included in the Spring rate and incurs a separate fee.



Residents may be relocated to a different space from their  spring assignment due to consolidation needs, however, every effort will be made to not relocate residents.


It incurs a separate fee as it is not included in the Spring rate.


Applications will open in April at


FALL 2021

Housing applications for Academic Year 2021-2022 are now open!  

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  Select "apply for housing" to fill out a housing application.      

Important Dates

Friday, March 5: Returning Student Housing Application Deadline
  • Late applications will be put on a housing waitlist.
Wednesday, March 24: Non-Refundable 60 EUR Housing Deposit Deadline
  • Applications will be considered incomplete and moved to the waitlist if payment is not received (as opposed to sent) by this deadline.
Sunday, March 28 (23:59): Roommate Group Selection Deadline

Finalize your roommate group by this date so that room-selection priority can be given.

March 31 - April 2: Room Selection Process

Select rooms based on points awarded to your roommate group.

Importance of Deadlines

We expect to be at capacity in the residence halls next academic year, so it is important to complete your application and pay your housing deposit on time.  

  • An Early Arrival Intent form must be completed 5 working days prior to your check-in date to be processed by the residence life staff. No forms will be processed until August 9.
  • Wait until the Housing Coordinator confirms there is a space for you. 
  • Showing up with no advance notice before your approved check-in date will result in either a 15 EUR fine or quite possible rejection of housing. 
  • Acceptance of your early arrival intent application is subject to available space.
  • FEES: Off-season housing fees apply.  
  • All students must check-in by Thursday, September 2, 2021; otherwise, they will be removed from the housing roster and bed offered to wait for list students. 
  • If a student is unable to check-in to Residence Halls by Thursday, September 2 due to spending a mandatory off-campus after arrival from the affected country, in order to remain in housing, they need to ensure that by September 2, COVID-19 Negative Test Results form is submitted on   In this case, the Housing Coordinator will keep you in on-campus housing. 
  • If you are not in Lithuania by September 2, you will be removed from the housing roster. 
  • Students that are on a housing wait-list will be contacted by the Housing Coordinator as bed-spaces open up.
  • Wait-list students do not need to pay a housing deposit and/or housing fee until offered a space. If the bed becomes available, the Housing Coordinator will communicate with the students on the wait-list individually through their LCC email. The Housing Coordinator removes all students from the list who are no longer interested or do not respond by the indicated deadline.
  • Opting out of housing after the housing application was submitted and deposit/housing fee was charged will result in the 60 EUR charge on the account.
  • The wait-list takes into account the Priority Criteria first and later spaces are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. 
  • Housing cannot be guaranteed to wait-list students. Therefore, all students on the wait-list are encouraged to use the Off-Campus Living Guide to secure accommodations either prior to leaving campus in the spring or prior to classes in the fall by returning to campus early. Students moving in mid-year are offered a prorated rate.

All payments must be done by bank transfers. No cash payments are accepted.  For more information on the bank transfers visit the Student Financial Services page

As we approach and plan for the fall semester, we must account for the following external factors:

  • Travel restrictions and border closing(s) that changes frequently
  • Social distancing laws and government-mandated health regulations 
  • Requirements for students arriving from outside of Lithuania 

To accommodate an easy move-in and ensure the health and safety of our residents:

  • Residence Hall rooms will resume regular occupancy of 4-6 students per room.
  • On-campus housing is currently reserved only for students registered as on-site. If space permits - spaces can be offered to offsite students in Klaipeda. 

The most updated information on COVID19, arrival procedures, affected countries is available at 

coming from abroad

  • All students returning from abroad regardless of the country of arrival will need to present the test prior to returning to classes (living in residence halls and coming to campus). The test (PCR, nasal swab) must be taken (date taken, not received) 48 hours prior to the arrival. Make sure to call the lab in your town to check the processing times.  
  • Students with a doctor’s certificate (official document) confirming recovery from the COVID-19 infection in the 3 months prior to your arrival do not need to present a test and/or self-isolate. You must upload your certificate to eRezLife > Forms > "COVID-19 negative test results" prior to your arrival. You first need to either be placed in housing or apply for off-campus residence in order to access the form.  
  • Students without a doctor's certificate (official document) confirming recovery from the COVID-19 infection in the 3 months prior to arrival need to present a test and self-isolate on-campus.
  • Please see the Arrival to Lithuania | SP21 section on pre-arrival procedures. 
Flow chart for steps when arriving from abroad


All self-isolation questions should be directed to Assistant RD Alina Kovyrialova on 

Students must arrive on pre-determined dates. People arriving before or after the specified arrival dates either extend their own or other's isolation period and interferes with other residents' occupancy periods before and after. Moreover, staffing and support is only guaranteed during the designated dates. We have a very high demand and limited capacity. Submit an application as soon as possible.

  • FEES: Off-season housing fees apply unless you arrive after the start of the semester and will be a housing resident.

  • Wait to see if we have self-isolation for another wave of self-isolators. Remember there are no guarantees and if there is no space after everyone is placed, you will need to remain at home, outside of Lithuania.   

    Students are strongly encouraged to stick to established dates. Students arriving before or after the specified arrival dates either extend their own or other's isolation period and interferes with other residents' occupancy periods before and after. Moreover, staffing and support are only guaranteed during the designated dates. 

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