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Our goal is to give all students a chance to experience residential living, however, given the increased enrollment numbers, more students will apply to live on campus than can be accommodated; this is why the priorities in housing and housing application and allocation process need to be identified. Most of Neumann will be reserved for first-year students. Thus, the number of Neumann rooms reserved for returning students will be limited. As additional rooms in Neumann become available, we will try to accommodate building preferences and assign individuals or roommate groups to the open spaces before the start of the fall semester.

We have 398 beds on our campus of which there are:

  • 6-person rooms  = 16 rooms 
  • 5-person rooms  = 40 rooms
  • 4-person rooms  = 25 rooms
  • 2-person room  = 1 room. Reserved for students with special needs 

All returning students have the option to reapply to live in the residential community. While we would love to accommodate everyone, accommodations are subject to availability. Returning students who will be able to apply for housing have to meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled full-time (24 and more credits)
  • Enter university in 2017 or later (entering 4th year)
  • Be from an area outside of Klaipeda city
  • Not be an Erasmus student in Fall

Priority for the spaces will be based on points and their current status:


  • 4 - Students classified as a freshman
  • 3 - Students classified as a sophomore
  • 2 - Students classified as a junior
  • 1 - Students classified as a senior
  • 3  - Students selected for the Leadership Development Program 2020-2021
  • 1 - Given to each country represented in the room


  • Thursday, March 26, 17:00 (GMT+2): Housing applications for returning students are due. (Late applications will be put on a housing waitlist.)
  • Sunday, March 29 23:59: Finalize your roommate group by this date so that sign-up preference can be given.
  • Friday, April 10: Non-refundable 60 EUR housing deposit is due. If you do not pay this deposit by this date, your housing application will be incomplete and will be moved to the waitlist.
  • April 13-15: Room selection. Select rooms based on points awarded to your roommate group.
  • April 16: Housing assignments are sent to SFS.
  • April 20: Students receive estimated bill for Fall 2020*.

No changes are made to the housing bill between Spring sign up and after add-drop week. All changes that happen to housing assignments during the summer will be reflected after the add/drop week only. 

Step-by-step guide to applying for housing HOUSING APPLICATION
  • In an effort to incorporate Study Abroad, Erasmus and International Exchange students into the LCC community, they will be placed in separate rooms. This is why these students may not request roommates. The advantage of sharing a room with other students from different countries is cultural immersion and quicker integration into the University community. 
  • All incoming students have to fill out the housing application after they have paid a deposit. 


Remember to pay your housing deposit of 60 EUR by April 3Failure to do so will remove you from your roommate group and put you on a housing waitlist. 

All payments must be done by bank transfers. No cash payments are accepted.  For more information on the bank transfers visit the Student Financial Services page

Housing fees per semester (effective August 1, 2020)

  • 6-person room  = 375 EUR
  • 5-person room  = 425 EUR
  • 4-person room  = 475 EUR
  • 2-person room  = 525 EUR


  • Housing placements are intended for the entirety of the academic year. 
  • Housing during the academic year is provided to current BA and PRIME students of LCC International University. 
  • Non-students are not provided accommodation during the academic year. 
  • No married or family housing can be offered on campus. Residential students must be 30 years of age or younger. 
  • Students that are minors (under the age of 18) at the beginning of the semester are mandated to live on campus until the end of that semester during which they turn 18. Exceptions can be granted if parents of the minor sign an agreement or the family resides in town. 
  • International students who choose to live off-campus are mandated to provide their accurate residence address in Klaipeda at the request of an LCC official. Failure to update or provide the current information as well as providing false information about their residence address may result in the loss of their legal status in Lithuania. 
  • A housing contract is signed annually between a student and the University and outlines the rights and responsibilities of both parties. 
  • If a student is dismissed or suspended from LCC for academic or conduct reasons, he/she should move out of the Residence Hall within the time specified by the Associate Dean of Students. 
  • Students may not stay in staff/faculty apartments for overnight stays. 
  • Every academic year Student Life announces the student residence hall opening and closing dates. 
  • For returning students Residence Halls open on August 29, 2020.  Should a resident need to move in before the halls officially open to them, they must coordinate in advance and offseason fees will apply. For students arriving prior to the official residence hall move-in date, the Housing Coordinator will attempt but does not guarantee, to place them within the rooms they will live in for the remainder of that academic year.
  • All summer housing requests should be submitted at least 3 working days prior to the move-in date. A fee of 15 EUR is applied for all requests without prior arrangement.   
  • If a resident is not on the late arrival list from the Registrar and does not check into the Residence Halls by Monday, August 31 23:59, the bed will be offered to the students on the waitlist. Apply for Late arrival by August 1, 2020.

Residential Students are able to host guests (whether off-campus students or external guests) for up to two nights, as stated in the Student Handbook, during the Fall and Spring semesters; any exception to the 2 night limit is at the discretion of the Associate Dean of Students and/or the Housing Coordinator. External housing fees apply. All requests, during the academic semesters, have to be submitted to 

  • Residential assignments are for the entire academic year.  As a rule, residents will not be allowed to relocate (even within the same room) after they are assigned to space except for in extreme situations and only at the discretion of the Residence Life professional staff – a medical necessity, immediate safety concern, if all conflict resolution options with Residence Life staff have failed or any other reason professional staff deems fit. 
  • No relocations may take place during the first 3 weeks of the semester. 
  • Part of living in the residence halls is learning how to communicate effectively and resolve challenges constructively with the assistance of trained Residence Life staff as needed.  If relocation occurs it is done at the discretion of the Housing Coordinator. Relocations after add/drop week will be limited by the room-type they paid for at the beginning of the year except for in extreme situations as no charges or refunds to adjust for room rate can be processed.
  • Residents are expected to fill their rooms to the room’s stated capacity. Should occupancy of any room be reduced to 50% or less, the remaining residents will be asked to consolidate with other students.   
  • If a student decides to withdraw from the housing after having signed up for housing they may or may not be entitled to a refund, depending on the date they complete the move out process. 
  • If a student decides to withdraw from housing any time between the date the non-refundable housing deposit was paid and the end of the add-drop week, they are entitled to a full refund minus the non-refundable deposit. 
  • If a student withdraws from the housing after add-drop week, they are entitled to a refund based on the refund schedule listed in a section “Course and Housing Withdrawal” of Student Handbook. 
  • Housing Coordinator informs SFS about the date a student is fully moved out asks them to refund the student the corresponding percent of their housing bill.
  • All residents that wish to move in on campus during mid-year (after add/drop week) must complete a Housing application form. 
  • Mid-Year residents may be offered a room type along with room rate, but not necessarily the exact location
  • Mid-Year Rate – Mid-Year residents are offered a pro-rated rate
  • Mid-Year residents are sent an email instructing them to check-in at Neumann Lobby 20:00-22:00 the following day (to provide staff enough time to prepare the room, keys and accompanying paperwork).
  • Students that are not offered a space after the initial Spring Assignment process or who do not complete the application process.
  • Waitlist students do not need to pay a deposit and/or housing fee until offered a space.  
  • The waitlist is organized based on a first-come-first-served basis with priority given to students that meet the Priority criteria. 
  • The department cannot guarantee anyone on the wait-list space. Therefore, all students on the Waitlist are encouraged to use the Off-Campus Living Guide to secure accommodations either prior to leaving campus in the spring or prior to classes in the fall by returning to campus early. 
  • Open beds are announced during the Add/Drop week to the people on the wait-list by the Housing Coordinator. 
  • If the bed becomes available Housing Coordinator will communicate with the students on the wait-list individually 
  • The Housing Coordinator removes all Waitlist students who are no longer interested in being on the waitlist. 


Outside of academic semester dates, students pay off-season housing fees listed in the Student Handbook and LCC website, and the Student Handbook. 

For students staying in university housing for the following reasons, a discounted housing fee is granted (valid until July 31, 2020)

  • International students coming early and staying late for TRP appointments at the Klaipeda Migration Office 
  • Students staying in the Residence Halls during Christmas break 
  • Graduating students waiting for diplomas

All summer housing requests should be submitted at least 3 working days prior to the move-in date. A fee of 15 EUR is applied for all requests without prior arrangement.   

If you need to stay in the halls any time between May 4, 2020 and August 29, 2020 you must apply for summer housing. 


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