LCC International University seeks to be a supportive place for students and encourages quality, caring relationships. Despite that, students may experience challenges that can hinder academic success or personal growth. Students may find the help of a trained counselor beneficial in meeting those challenges.

Counseling services provide a confidential place for students to work through personal concerns and issues they may encounter during their time at LCC. A counselor at LCC International University is available by appointment to discuss any issues and help students find ways of dealing with the challenges they face. Counseling Services can offer workshops in areas of possible problems or healing areas to students.

LCC International University Student Counseling Services believe that counseling is a partnership of two experts aimed at helping the student make own best decisions. For successful partnership, the student’s cooperation and input optimize help and serve as enablers of student’s own wholeness.
Student Counseling Services network with other mental health professionals and various psychological services in Klaipėda and Lithuania to recommend other places for students to receive help and care beyond what is possible to provide at the university.

Based on the nature of the issues you may find some necessary books or receive suggestions from a counselor regarding recommended readings for your personal growth.