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Study Abroad Trip to Russia


The 2020 spring Study Abroad Lithuania cohort began its cultural excursion to Russia with anticipation, excitement, and expectation. Where they find themselves now, ten days after departure from LCC to Moscow, certainly is a “secret destination.”

The Study Abroad team shared, “We did not know, ten days ago, that so many would-be booking flights home before the trip ended. We did not know, ten days ago, that we would be writing final goodbye letters on the train from Saint Petersburg to Riga. And we did not know, ten days ago, that this trip would be the bookend to our semester.

And yet, even in the midst of so much uncertainty and change, we didn’t let it dampen our spirits. We drank in the beauty of Saint Basil’s, we stood in awe before Rembrandt, we toured the old haunts of Dostoyevsky’s Raskolnikov, we basked in Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, we ate delicious food, and we truly enjoyed simply being together. Yes, we ended up at a secret destination, of which we were not aware or expecting. But we have all come back to LCC stronger, more confident, and with memories that will last a lifetime.”

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