University housing

LCC has two beautiful modern Residence Halls on campus where 70 % of all students reside during the academic year.  Both Residence Halls are staffed with professional staff members (Resident Directors) and trained student leaders (Resident Assistants) who are there to support and serve students.

Neumann Hall houses 200 students, faculty/staff suites, and 2 apartments for Residence Life staff members.    The building is 6 stories high and offers 8 ‘pod’ communities in the building. Each pod has 5 rooms surrounding a lounge with a kitchen and living room space. Each room houses up to 5 people with a shared common entryway, a private WC and shower, a food storage area and a refrigerator.    The bedroom  areas are furnished with bunk beds, desks, chairs and cabinets for each student.  Neumann  Hall offers you lots of space to do what you want to do! Between the multi-purpose lounge on the 1st floor and the Prayer Chapel on the 6th you’ll find a bicycle storage room, a TV lounge with cable TV, a study room, a computer lab and an art room.   

Enns Hall is  home to 140 students. It also has faculty/staff apartments on the first floor.   This hall offers 4 floors of student rooms with a large kitchen and living room space on each floor. There is a Resident Assistants’ lounge, a large laundry room and a study room for all students to use.  Rooms in Enns Hall house between 2 – 6 people with a shared common entryway, a private WC and shower, a food storage area and refrigerator.  The bedroom areas are furnished with bunk beds, desks, chairs and shelves for each student.  

Wi-Fi is available in all Residential facilities and up to four computers can use the hard-line  network in each room. Computers MUST have anti-virus software installed to use the network. If you do not own your own computer Neumann Hall has a computer lab available for your use.

Students who live in LCC International University Housing are part of a residential learning community and are expected to live in agreement with the Community Standards designed to facilitate learning and development. These guidelines for behavior have been created to encourage you to make healthy choices and to complement the Christian worldview supported by LCC International University. The purpose of these polices is to help you learn. You are regarded as a responsible adult who is in the process of making life decisions. Complete copies of LCC’s housing guidelines are available in the Student Handbook on LCC’s website at: 

How can I sign up for Housing?

If you wish to live in university housing, you will have to fill out the Housing application form before August 1.  Late applications will be assessed a 15.00 EUR late fee and applicants may not be granted housing if all beds have been filled. Questions regarding your housing application may be directed to . We hope that you are excited about living in LCC International University’s Residence Halls. We can assure you that the Residence Life Staff will greet you at your arrival to give you your key and to help you feel welcome in the LCC Residence Hall community. The Residence Halls open for freshmen from August 29th. Early arrivals must be pre-approved by emailing your Admissions Counselor. 

Rooms for freshmen are assigned with each roommate’s preferences in mind, based on the housing application your submitted. Even if they seem very different from you at first, you may be surprised at the friendships that may develop! You may apply to change your room during the advertised time that the Residence Life staff will announce for the next semester.

List of things to bring for the live on campus:

These are suggested items only. If you do not have these items don’t worry about it, you may be able to borrow some items from your friends or roommates or buy them once you arrive in Klaipėda. 

  • Blanket, pillow and linen a light blanket for warm weather and something heavier for the winter months
  • Personal belongings clothes, bathroom supplies, etc.
  • Kitchen utensils pots, pans, cutlery, plates, cups, a kettle, ec.
  • Hangers to hang clothing in the closet space
  • Small locks with keys  to secure your private storage closets during breaks
  • Cleaning supplies rags, cleaning detergents to wash floors in the room, toilet bowl cleaner, etc.
  • Medicines be prepared in case you have a headache, upset stomach, or other medical problem
  • Musical instruments if you would like to participate in the musical group there or simply play for pleasure
Is there a place to workout?

The Michealsen Centras is one of the best athletic facilities in western Lithuania. Come work out in our fitness center, join friends for a game of volleyball, basketball, indoor hockey or football or just come and spend time enjoying sports on your own. A fitness coach individually consults on certain days. 

For more information about University Housing please visit the Student Life section.