Life in Klaipėda

As a student at LCC International University you can keep yourself busy without even leaving the University campus. With all the student activities, clubs, and events, there is plenty to get involved in. Yet, should you want to explore the surroundings, Klaipėda and the region offers plenty of possibilities.

Klaipėda is a great place to be a student. This seaside city is Lithuania‘s third-largest city (population 201,800). Klaipėda has everything you would expect to find in a city plus 
a great seaside atmosphere. Klaipėda‘s mix of natural seaside attractions, lively arts scene, varied shopping and entertainment, make it a vibrant, enjoyable place to liv

Facts About Lithuania

  • Lithuania is in the Eastern European Time (EET) zone.
  • Currency: EURO
  • Cards: Mastercard, Eurocard, Globus, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro and  American Express
  • Weather:  Winter 0- -5  , Spring 10- 12, Summer 20- 25, Fall
  • Time zone:  UCT+2 in summer and UTC+3 in winter (due to daylight savings time).
  • Cuisine: Cepelinai, dark rye bread, šaltibarščiai, kugelis, smoked sausage, and vėdarai
  • Population: 2 809 198
  • Territory: 65,300 km2
  • European Union Member since May 1, 2004; NATO Member since March 29, 2004;

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  • Klaipėda is the third biggest city in Lithuania located on the coalescence of theNature of Lithuania – seaside of Nida, county of Klaipėda Curonian Lagoon and The Baltic Sea.
  • The story of the city began in 1252 when the Memelburg castle was built by the Livonian Order in the area of Klaipeda.
  • The population of Klaipėda is slightly more than 150,000 people.
  • The area of Klaipėda city is approximately 98 km2 in total, 38% of which is covered by buildings, 1,4% by roads, 14% waters and the rest is committed for farming, and  greeneries.
  • Klaipėda is a very charismatic city and a great place to live and study. Spectacular architecture, majesty of its harbor and original leisure time activities,  bohemian people, white mews and smell of sea will be absorbed for a long time once you come to Klaipėda.
  • Klaipėda is unique for its Old Town which is an outstanding example of German architecture.
  • Winter temperature ranges from -5 to +5°C. The average summer temperature ranges from 17 to 22°C. Klaipėda is prone to westerly winds off the Baltic Sea. Spring and fall seasons see many days of rain.
  • LCC campus is located in the Northern part of Klaipeda with close proximity to the sea and beautiful forest.   


It‘s free of charge and it‘s great! Enjoy what the seaside location has to offer!

Living in Klaipėda is great for cyclists. Klaipėda is connected with a number of seaside resorts by great cycling routes. Visit to find out more about the coastal cycling routes.

If you are not much into cycling, an easy stroll down the endless beaches of white sand, dunes and pine forests is always a possibility. It only takes about 5 minutes on a local bus to get from the University campus to the seaside.


Klaipėda has a number of conventional night clubs that are liked by many students. However, if your understanding of a fun night out is slightly different than a usual night in a club, Klaipėda has many different possibilities on offer. How about spending an evening in one of the best jazz clubs in Lithuania – Jazzpilis ( or chilling out in a small cafe with great DJs (