Life at LCC

At LCC we aim to foster an inclusive community where each person is valued and respected. We provide opportunities for experiential learning and development of LCC’s core learning outcomes. We seek to broaden students’ education to maximize their social, cultural, physical, intellectual, and spiritual development as well as ensure the wellbeing of students by providing relevant and quality services. Your experience at LCC will be life –changing.  Student Life Division at LCC supports a unique model of North American style holistic education. 

How will I adjust?

For many students, LCC is a home away from home. Our staff will help you adjust and deal with any concerns, questions, or problems.

Are you a freshman?

At LCC International University we have an orientation program that occurs a few days before classes begin. Entering university is a big step and we want to make it as easy as possible. Freshmen are required to participate in the orientation where important information on academics and LCC International University structure is presented. All freshmen are assigned to First Year Seminar (FYS) group that is led by FYS instructor together with FYS student leader.  FYS seminar provides solid foundation to succeed at LCC. It encourages students to grow personally, to take ownership of their learning, and to connect to others at LCC

Please plan to attend the Orientation events that are planned for August 30-September 2. You will receive a detailed schedule in August.

Do you plan to live on campus?

By living in the residence hall, your life at university will be shaped in deep and purposeful ways. As you make yourself at home, jump into the dynamic programming provided by your Resident Directors (RDs) and Resident Assistants (RAs). In this safe environment, you will learn what it means to be a good neighbor to those around you, to build deep and lasting friendships based on respect, to celebrate the diversity of people and cultures around you and to contribute to a fun and vibrant campus community.

Are you from the city?

Student Life programming  and events are open to all students. If you live off campus you might feel a little isolated this is why we encourage you to attend the events we organize.

Do you come from abroad?

It is both challenging and rewarding to transition to an international environment! Intercultural Education Coordinator is available for consultation as you deal with the realities of adjusting to life in another country (culture shock, homesickness) and communicating in a foreign language. 

Wonder what career path to choose?

It is not unusual for a student to feel lost and unsure about their career decision. Am I studying the right major? Where can I get advice? How can I learn more about what I am good at? Our Student Support and Career Development Center  is here to help you assess your strengths and talents, help you choose the right major, as well as provide opportunities to get your first professional experience.

Want to grow spiritually?

The Chaplain is available to have conversations about faith, to pray with you, and to offer pastoral care and counseling. Together with the Discipleship Coordinator, the Chaplain seeks to encourage healthy and respectful dialogue between the different faith traditions on campus and encourage all persons to grow in truth and restoration through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Overwhelmed, stressed or depressed?

When life and studies become too hard, you may consider talking to a trained counselor in safe, confidential conversations.  We can provide educational information regarding your personal improvement, growth or healing. We can also provide information about counseling as a profession.  Our Counselor can also help in cases of personal psychological crises or when students are witnessing the crisis of another university student.  Please refer everyone who finds his or her situation too difficult to handle on their own to our counselor.  

Do you have special needs?

If you have a physical or psychological condition that requires special accommodation either, from the academic or housing side, see the Registrar to get more information about the support LCC is committed to provide for students with special needs.

How can I get involved?

LCC International University is not only about academic classes . We make sure that your time outside of the classroom is also meaningful by providing many educational and learning opportunities for you. LCC is a relational University and a lot of our efforts are aimed at facilitating development of lifelong relationships. We are celebrating community. You will learn how to practically apply the knowledge that you gain in classrooms, how to organize events, how to lead group discussions and most importantly you will discover your talents and strengths. Just take a look at all the opportunities that you can choose from! 

  • Attend events organized for you by various student leader teams (e.g. Independence Day Celebrations, Leadership Seminars, Mug & Muffin, Talent Night, Bible Studies and more!)
  • Come to chapel on Wednesdays to worship and learn more about the Christian faith
  • Organize events for your residents on the floor as well as ensure safety and discipline
  • Volunteer at a food bank by helping to collect food for homeless and people in need
  • Help students from other countries adapt and create ways for cross cultural learning
  • Be a Student Council member and be represent the student body
  • Take leadership in organizing fundraisers and help the community in need
  • Be socially responsible and educate the community on environmental issues 
  • Start your own club by interest and get other students engaged (previous clubs include Art Club, Poetry Club, Movie, Volleyball Club and Discussion Club, and etc.)
  • Come to cheer for the “LCC Moose” teams
  • Volunteer at the Student Success Center as a math tutor.